Warrior Priest – Path of Wrath – DPS

For this build you will need to be level 40 Renown rank 80 to fully utilise the build.


The gear I am currently wearing:

3pc bloodlord: Chest, Helm, Boot

5pc Warlord: Cloak, Ring, Gloves, Shoulders, Belt

Jewelry: Genesis Aspect, Fragment, Remnant, Warlord

Weapon: Blood Lord Weapon


You will need to be AT LEAST 70 for this build to work

Path of Wrath

  • Fanaticism
  • Absence of Faith
  • Sigmar’s Wrath
  • Guilty Soul
  • Hammer of Sigmar

Path of Grace

  • Sigmar’s Shield
  • Sigmar’s Grace


  • 3 Points onBlademaster
  • 2 Points onDeft Defender
  • 2 Points on Futile Strikes
  • 1 Points on Fortitude
  • 2 Points on Impetus
  • 4 Points on Might
  • 2 Points on Opportunist
  • 3 Points on Reflexes
  • 1 Points on Vigor


  • Hastened Divinity
  • Guilty Soul
  • Fanaticism
  • Divine Fury


  • Divine Favor
  • Rampaging Siphon
  • Penance
  • Alter Fate


Positives of the build

  • Reliable Heal Debuff
  • Strong Burst potential/window
  • Can provide support heals in a pinch
  • Can Cleanse/Rez
  • Strong snare and snare breaker
  • Looks cool as fuck

Negatives of the build

  • Lacking mobility (no charge)
  • High RR and Gear req.
  • High APM/Awareness required
  • Requires Guard for optimal results
  • High upkeep cost of potions
  • No Knockdown


  • Absences of Faith (HD)
  • Sigmar’s Fist (str buff)
  • Castigation (dot/init debuff)
  • Spam Bludgeon and keep these going…
  • Sigmars vision (parry buff if needed)
  • Purge (strips a buff USE ON CD)
  • Soulfire (AOE dot, Builds RF decent dmg, stacks well)
  • Smite (AOE attack, can proc GS, Can be spammed with Sigmar’s warth)
  • Judgement (ranged snare, drains RF)
  • Sigmar’s Shield (blessing that heals you when you take dmg. Use when being focused)
  • Vow of Silence… it’s a silence
  • Weight of Guild (strong dmg, will snare on debuffed target. Works great alongside 
  • Hammer of Sigmar)
  • Hammer of Sigmar (An Execute, BIG DMG, use alongside Sigmar’s Wrath for best results/bigburst)
  • Purify (cleanse)
  • Sigmar’s Grace (wounds buff)
  • Divine Assault (channeled melee heal)

Prayer of righteousness (for more group dmg) or devotion (for more group heals)

Build up to M2, this is your Oh Shit Button. Use wisely! It can save the group and reset a fight. Works great in morale bombs

Lastly there is Sigmar’s wrath (reduces CD of Wrath abilities by 5s, making Smite instant cast, Hammer of sigmar 5 sec instead of 10, you get the point. It also increases Armor Pen by 25%. Use SW when it’s time to BURST.)


Hope people find this set up useful! I’d 100% recommend running the sentinel Jewelry with the melee power gem. And possibly experimenting with running off sov over the Blood lord.

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