Location: Inevitable City |Ranks: 13–20 |Type: 6-Player, Instanced | Grade: 2 | Key Loot: Starter Gear

Caged and readied beasts, as well champions, stay in the Sacellum while waiting to be called out to the Arena. Enraged servants also make their home here, as do the more volatile and destructive forces the Sacellum has to offer. The layout consists mostly hallways with side rooms holding the named combatants, with three different layouts for the degree of difficulty (there are low-, mid-, and high-level entrances).

WING 1 The Ragehorn tribe of Khorne beastmen has followed their leader Vul the Bloodchosen to fight in the Sacellum in order to honor their God of Blood.

WING 2 The Mawgut ogres have brought some of their wilder cousins and creatures to the
Sacellum to fight for prizes…and food

WING 3 A menagerie of beasts from across the world, kept by defeated and broken servents of the Sacellum.

Ghalmar Ragehorn

Challenging Roar : AE Knockback plus root.
Malghar’s Challenge: Single target dummy mark after Challenging Roar, Malghar will focus on this player with…
Bestial Flurry :Malghar will use this channeled melee attack on his challenge target.
Wild Strike: Frontal Cleave, does not use during Challenging Roar.

Stage Mechanics

They key to this fight is to make sure the challenge target stays alive through out the Bestial Flurry.
Regurgitate: When the Unclean One’s stomach gets upset, he will regurgitate all players in his belly. All the mauraders and nurglings will be dead and the Bile Lord should set his
health fairly low. Now the players must finish him off.


Lacerating Talons: Random target melee range strike.
Tail Spikes: Random target ranged attack.
Furious Roar: Stun on tank + hate wipe, needs to be picked up by second tank.

Stage Mechanics

The whole group will be taking damage, while the 2 tanks must be ready to respond to Furious Roar being used.


Freezing Aura: The Yhettee will drop freezing aura and his current location and it will remain there for 30 seconds, it will damage and slow the attacks of any player standing in it.
Grasp of Frost: Single target root on the tank, needs to be cured so tank is not stuck in the freezing aura.

Stage Mechanics

The boss needs to be moved around the room so that the tank and others are not standing in the freezing aura.

Lorth & Slorth Thunderbelly

Leadbelcher Blast: A high damage longe range line attach.
Swinging Cannon: A short duration stun plus knockdown on the tank.

Stage Mechanics

The 2 leadbelchers must be kept facing away from the group and players must not get caught in the crossfire of the cannon blasts.

Secraw the Discarded

Gorging Bite: A channeled focused melee attack on the tank.
Smash: Channeled stomp attack, Sebcraw roots himself and begins to pound the ground, players need to move away from him when this occurs.

Stage Mechanics

Keeping the tank alive through the Gorging Bite and avoiding the Smash are the challenges to this encounter.

Snaptail the Breeder

Anguished Screech: AE silence, long range, each time this ability is used an egg will hatch.
Wyvern Sting : 360% knockback + DoT

Stage Mechanics

Each time Anguished Screech is used one of the eggs around the room will spawn 2 core con Wyvern Broodlings that must be dealt with.

Uzhak the Betrayer

Centigor Charge: Uzhak will randomly charge targets through out the fight, this will stun and do a small knockback on them for 7 seconds

Stage Mechanics

Players must react to having various members of their party, including healers, out of commission for a brief period of time.

Viracil the Broken

Hydra Smash: Melee range cleave attack.
Torrent of Flame: Random target projectile that will leave a fire font, must be moved out of.
Cone of Flame: Very high damage cone breath attack, Viraxil will announce he is doing this attack and root himself, playe must then move away from him.

Stage Mechanics

The group must remain mobile to avoid the torrents of flame, and be ready to react to the use of Cone of Flame.

Vul the Bloodchosen

Gushing Axes :AE Axe throw at players at range
Skulltaker: Melee range 360 degree strike
Bloodrage: Increased damage outout by 20%

Stage Mechanics

Players must react to the entire group taking damage. At 10% he will gain Bloodrage, increasing his damage by 20%, players should save their cooldowns and morales for this time.


Return of Reckoning is constantly updated and to maintain its originality as well as to provide new challenges to the player. If some of the above information is changed please let us know to adjust it. We try and keep it as updated as possible!

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