Location: Inevitable City | Ranks: 40+ | Type: 6-Player, Instanced | Grade: 5 | Key Loot: Sentinel Armor and Weapons

Winding passageways are covered in slime, with teeth protruding from the floors and walls. Humanoid fanatics, who apparently love the smell of sewers, are down here in Bilerot Burrows, as are fleshy plaguebeasts. The oozing green and brown slime is everywhere, and in some cases, is partnered with a green and brown gas cloud. Bilerot Burrow starts on a linear track along maggot-infested burrows, and then segways into three different branches. The first is comprised mainly of Nurglealigned mortals, the second full of Nurgle-aligned daemons and the final is the resting
place of the Bile Lord, a Great Unclean One.


The first area of the Bilerot Burrows is run by the Maggotfiend. You can see his influence in the area, since there will be literally hundreds of maggots around the place.


The second area of Bilerot is full of Nurgle-Infected warriors.


The third area of the dungeon is full of Nurgle-themed daemons.


This is the Great Unclean One area. It only becomes accessible once the Wing 1, 2,and 3 bosses have been killed.

Barthlomeus the Sickly

Death’s Head: This boss will randomly throw Death’s Heads at people. These are skulls filled with pus and will explode on impact. Anyone who is hit by this will spawn Nurglings at their feet.
Sneeze: This boss will randomly sneeze during the fight doing cone knockback and damage.
Nurgling Enrage: When Nurglings die near him, he will enrage increasing his dps for a short time.

The Bile Lord

Defile: The Bile Lor ndomly select a target and taint the ground beneath them with Defifi le. This will deal damage to the targeted player and will spawn a damage font at their location. Players will want to move away from the Diseased Ground.
Unclean One Spew: This is a frontal cone damage vomit.

Stage Mechanics

80% Health: When the Bile Lord reaches 80% hp, he will call for 10 Nurglings to come help him.
60% Health: When the Bile Lord reaches 60% hp, he will call for 10 Nurglings to come help him.
40% Health: When the Bile Lord reaches 40% hp, he will call all the Bilerot Humans on the ledges above to come help him. These will all run to a door on the upper ledge and will slowly begin to spawn. Upon spawning they will run to assist the Bile Lord. They will not stop spawning until the Bile Lord reaches 20%.

20% Health: At 20% the Bile Lord will stun everyone in the room and go up to each of them one by one and Devour them.
Bile Lord’s Innards: Stomach Bile will rain down on players inside the stomach slowly draining them of their life. They will have to damage the Bile Lord’s Innards until his stomach is upset enough to spit them back out.
Regurgitate: When the Unclean One’s stomach gets upset, he will regurgitate all players in his belly. All the mauraders and nurglings will be dead and the Bile Lord should set his health fairly low. Now the players must finish him off.

Maggotfiend Urhil

Maggot fiend Spew This is just like the Bilerot Pustongue’s spew, except it lasts much longer and spawns more than one maggot.

Stage Mechanics

Phase 1

The Maggotfiend will constantly keep spewing forth maggots. You will want to focus on the maggots first, and then when time is left over deal damage to the
Maggotfiend for a bit.

Ssyridian Morbidae

Bilerot Sickness: During the fight, this monster will randomly throw a ball of sickness at someone who is on its hate list. If the player is hit, they will become sick. While sick, a player will regenerate significantly less Action Points and they will have an ability added to their hotkey bank called “Induce Vomiting”. If they use this ability, it will get rid of the sickness, but they will vomit doing frontal cone damage to themselves and all friendly targets. The player will also spawn maggots while vomiting, simulating that the player just vomited maggots.

Rotting Zymosis: Every so often the boss will do a PBAE called Rotting Zymosis. This is a stacking debuff and each time a player is hit their ability to heal and deal damage will go down and the damage they take will go up.

Stage Mechanics

Bilerot Plaguebeasts: 3 Plaguebeasts reside in the halls near Ssrydian and if not killed they will come to his aid when he enters combat.
Bilerot Fanatic / Witherer / Plaguechosen:  There are 2 sets of Bilerot Humans bent over in worsh of Srydian. These mobs will not show as agro, since they are focused on their prayers. They will however agro if players get too close. (200 radius) They will also agro if Ssrydian becomes agro.

Return of Reckoning is constantly updated and to maintain its originality as well as to provided new challenges to the player. If some of the above information is changed please let us know to adjust it. We try and keep it as updated as possible!

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