Races: Empire & Chaos
Location: Chaos Wastes (36494, 5633)
Door Puzzle: No
Boss: Tezakk
Boss Abilities: Putrid Vomit (Channeled, Frontal Cone, Physical); Excruciating Smite (DD, Physical)
Lair Recommendations: An extra healer or DPSer.

Party Strategy

Tezakk sits in a cave by himself. He has two punishing abilities: Putrid Vomit, a channeled cone attack, and a direct damage attack called Excruciating Smite. These both deal physical damage. 

The tank should absorb the Putrid Vomit attack. If you are the tank, position Tezakk so his back is to everyone else. Melee, get to his rear and attack from there. Ranged and DPS should be behind him at max range. Melee, make sure you’re directly behind the boss, not to the side. Cone effects tend to hit people off on the boss’s flanks, so keep on the boss’s back and move only if the tank moves. The tank should also deal with the Excruciating Smite attacks.

The fight is fairly simple. Have the tank put his back to the wall and all melee damagedealers stand behind the boss to prevent being stuck in Putrid Vomit. Heal the tank throughout the fight and Tezakk should be dead in no time.

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