“In times of war the Witch King calls upon his Convents of Sorceresses to rain death and destruction down upon the target of his ire. Their magical prowess will blight the warriors of the opposing army, scorch their souls from their bodies and bring ruination and curses aplenty upon their heads.”

Class Information


Archetype: Ranged DPS / Offensive Support / Healer

Class Mechanics

Sorcerers use the fickle winds of magic as their primary mechanic. Every 3 seconds, they will gain 1 stack of magic at random (Shadow, Beast, Death) with each type of magic being able to stack up to 3. Whenever you cast a spell from that lore of magic, it will consume one stack if present, and augment the spell.

Augment is an Interbellum effect that several abilities across different classes have and their are multiple ways to create augmented abilities. Augmented effcts apply additional damage/healing, or extra effects to the skills. So sorcerers can constantly augment their skills with the collected winds of magic, but do not always have control of the income of those winds.

Sorcerers have access to a 4th “lore” of magic which is Dhar. Dhar magic skills do not use your mechanic and exist as a way to use abilities whenever you do not want to augment your skills, such as saving them for an opportune momeent.

Each specialization of Sorcerer will have spells from the other lores of magic, but they will gain their specialized wind of magic more often. Example Dominator of Shyish will gain Winds of Death more often than Shadow/Beast. They will also have slightly more spells from their lore, and their passives/tactics will modify spells in a way that fits the theme of their lore of magic.

Sorceress 1

Hard Specialisations

Dominators of Ulgu

Dominators of Ulgu are ranged caster dps that set up combo effects. They equip staves.

Dominators of Ghur

Dominators of Ghur are ranged offensive supports that increase their allies effectiveness while they cast. They equip staves.

Dominators of Shyish

Dominators of Shyish are ranged healers that use almost exclusively lifetaps to heal their allies. They equip staves.

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