“The chosen dark priests of the bloody handed god, The Hag Graef, can be found on the frontline of any Druchii assault. Using wicked ritual blades, a Hag Graef harvests the essence of their enemy and offers it to Khaine in exchange for fell blessings and dark powers. The Hag Graef is the shepherd of war, ensuring the bloody slaughter can continue in the name of their dark god.”

Class information

Archetype: Healer / Melee DPS

Class Mechanics


Animosity is the new mechanic for Hag Graef Druchii. This starts at 0 and caps at 100. You will generate 1 animosity per second. Some abilities generate Animosty, other abilities reduce it, and some abilities don’t move it at all. Animosity has 5 break points:

  • 0 – 20
  • 21 – 40
  • 41 – 60
  • 61 – 80
  • 81 – 100

Most of your abilities target a specific breakpoint and gain additional output at that break point. They gain standard output on breakpoints directly beside it, and they lose output on break points that are 2+ steps away. I will use Cleave Soul as an truthful example; the ability deals X piercing damage and reduces your animosity by 10. It targets the 4th breakpoint and the following happens (and is on the tooltip)

  • 0 – 20: Deals 60% damage.
  • 21 – 40: Deals 80% damage.
  • 41 – 60: Deals 100% damage.
  • 61 – 80: Deals 120% damage.
  • 81 – 100: Deals 100% damage.

Each of the three specializations use this mechanic a bit differently as you can imagine by us stating individual abilities target break points.


Hard Specialisations

Khanite Assassins

Khanite Assassins are melee dps that focus on stealthed attacks. They equip a single dagger.

Khaanite Assassins are stealth users so their break points are generally set to the higher side with being in Stalk (stealth) being their primary method of restoring Animosity. This means they come out of stealth and start high but drop in output over time until they get back in stealth.


Executioners are melee dps that potent single-strike attacks with lesser mobility. They equip two-handed swords.

Executioners have a more varied use of the mechanic due to them being brawler mdps, but overall they work to set up “execution windows” with their high AP cost skills at the right break points

Disciples of Khaine

Disciples of Khaine are medium-ranged healers with a cyclical style. They equip swords and chalices.

In general DoKs healing skills are more potent at low values of animosity, and they don’t move animosity. This means they need to lower their animosity with damage skills, and then they can heal better and only need to manage the 1 animosity gained per second. However, some of their additional effects will generate animosity forcing them to deal damage to use them unless they want their heals to get to a break point where the output drops.

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