“Now runes on the other hand, that’s a whole different story. Runes have an old power. Their carving is a ritual so refined that the results are as expected as rocks rolling down hill. The keepers of this art are the Runescribe, adepts and sages who spend their lives learning the language of runes. With their craft they can create effects of stunning power, accosting their foes with the power of the earth itself. They can also harden their allies against the most damaging of attacks, and heal their wounds.”

Class Information

Archetype: Healer / Melee Support

Class Details: Rune priests are a ranged support career specializing in Runic Magic and crafted Rune stones. A single Rune stone can be given to each group member and each Rune stone has a different positive effect on the bearer. Using a blend of both mending and destruction Runes, the Runescribe have both powerful offensive magic and strong defenses.

As a Runescribe your main role will be to heal your allies and of course stay alive. The Runescribe is the best all around healer in the Order side. He can heal well in single target and AOE heal. He does lack a bit of mobility. You will be the main focus of many enemies. using your de-taunt to reduce incoming damage is essential as well as positioning. Preparation is critical to your success as a Runescribe, as is developing a keen sense of timing and coordination.

You can use your runes to protect your friends and enhance their powers (even placing some of the runes effects under the subjects control), but their strength wanes quickly upon use and you must be ready to reinforce them as needed. Advance preparation makes it easier for you to split your attention between supporting your friends, and assaulting your foes. This division of duty is absolutely necessary in battle.

Focusing purely on offense will leave your group mates without support after a short time. Conversely, playing purely a support role will rob your group of a rune-enhanced warrior of significant power.

Hard Specialisations


​Runelords are melee-hybrid offensive supports with a higher focus on improving allied damage output. They equip two-handed hammers.


Runepriests are ranged healers that are more a dwarf-of-all-trades. They equip staves.


Runesmiths are melee-hybrid defensive supports with a plethora of allied buffs. They equip a single one-handed hammer.

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