“An explosion is the ultimate form of mechanical advantage, so its no big surprise that the skills of the Dwarf Engineer extend well along these lines. From guns to grenades, he is a deadly ranged combatant who will pelt you with lead from afar and blast you to bits as you close in. The Engineer offers an outstanding blend of flexible firepower which makes him a truly deadly and clever combatant.”

Class Information

Archetype: Ranged DPS / Non Standard Tank


Class Details: Engineers are defensive ranged fighters who specialize in gadgets and black powder weapons. The engineer’s many mechanical aids include turrets and traps, which allow them to prepare the battlefield for either an offensive ambush or a strategic defense.

As an Engineer, the heart of your job is to rain destruction on the heads of your enemies. Like other ranged combatants, you prefer to avoid the frontline. However, unlike most other ranged classes, you reach the peak of your power at a relatively short range. You must maneuver wisely, positioning yourself so that you can strike at your target without exposing yourself to their attacks. You are a capable melee fighter, and you can strike at extended range, but your best attacks – grenades, blunderbusses, artillery bombardment, and more – require a closer position.

engineer final 4

Hard Specialisations


Rifleman are ranged burst DPS. When pushed, they lose sustained damage. They equip spanners and rifles and deploy gun turrets.


Grenadier are mobile medium-ranged DPS focused on spreading multiple effects. They equip spanners and rifles and have no deployable.


Tinkerers are non-standard tanks whose effects are related to their deployable devices. They equip spanners and rifles and deploy lightning rods, kegs, and magnets.

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