“The warrior is the quintessential dwarf – gruff, quarrelsome and taciturn. He is also your best friend on the field of battle, as any blow struck against his allies is a Grudge that is guaranteed to be repaid in kind. Equipped with his famed Gromril armor, and practicing his elite weapon craft, he is a steadfast defender.”

Class Information

Archetype: Standard Tank / Offensive Support / DPS

Class Details: Fighters specializing in physical defense, Warriors build up Grudges as their allies and they take damage. The greater the Grudge the more powerful the Warrior’s offensive action become.

As an Warrior, your goal is to get between your friends and your foes and use your defensive abilities to absorb and deflect attacks. If you cant immediately claim a foes attention, your grudge bonuses begin to make you a problem foes cant ignore as you grow more and more potent in your defense of your allies. Obviously, Warriors truly shine in groups but even solo they are quite capable as long as they can get close enough to wear down foes with their axe or hammer.


Hard Specialisations

Iron breakers

Iron breakers are standard tanks with a heavy focus on armor. They equip axes and shields.


Hammers are melee DPS that sacrifice mobility for additional defenses. They equip two-handed hammers.


Longbeards are standard tanks with a little more offensive support for their team. They equip two-handed axes.

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