Rifleman | Sniper Builds

For this build you will need to be level 40 & Renown level 80 to fully utilize the build. The game allows for great versatility  so you will have to modify it to fit you game style. Some might go for more damage (aka glass cannon) some for more survival or somewhere in the middle. It is hard to give a guide for all builds since 1 change in 1 tactics or 1 weapon is a new build. I will attempt to give you a sample  build and the neccessery information abotu this path. What is important and you need to make this path work.


For this example we will use the Vanquisher set which is a stepping stone set in game as it can be used for both Sniper builds and grenadier builds. Genesis set for jelwery set acuired form bags in RvR maps (Campains) and Scenario DPS weapons you can replace them with Bloodloord wepaons if you like pve. Using this sets & tactics you will have all the ballistic you need. All talismans should be weapon skill and / or 1-2 wounds if you feel like you need it.  Try and keep ballistic at 1050 (soft cap) and Wound at a minimum of 700 any less you and  you don’t give enough response time to your healer. Also make sure that you account for potions. I recommend the +100 ballsitic postio and 600 armour potion. Especialy the ballistric potion will save you either renown points or talisma slots. If you can t affort ther +100 use the +80 version.


Below you can see what skills i prefer for my build. We use the path of Rifleman and the path of Tinkerer.

From Path of Grenadier pick:

Crack Shot ( disarm)

Snipe (Long range un defendable attack)

Armour-piercing Round (igoner 25% armoru)

Hollow Poitn tactic (replacing Bugman’s Keg)

From the path of Tinkerer pick:

Bugman’s Keg (heal over time)

Tracer Rounds (+15% critical chance)


Now that we have our gear and our skills its time to improve them all. It is time to use the renown we have acquired through PVP. In this build we focus on damage and i assume that either you will position your self out of harms way as much as possible or you are part of a party. Sniper build you will to learn to position your selves very well to have good ground and make it difficult for enemies to get to you. Enemies getting close is almost certain death as your defenses are weak. However a good use of a land mine or concussion grenade could be a life saver.

  • 5 levels of blade master to increase weapon skill.
  • 3 levels of Sure shot gaining 9% critical along with tracer rounds 15% and 16% from gear and weapons we total a nice 40%. This can go higher if you like and hit a nice 45% max. if you don’t pick Futile strikes and carry on with Sure shot.
  • 2 levels of Futile strikes to reduce the chance to be critical hit. leaving us with 6% to reciece a critical. It is not great but much better than 15% that you start off with.
  • 1 level that is left i add to vigor just for the hell of it.


Well-Oiled Machine or Hollow point

Masterful Aim

Tracer Rounds

Fighting Chance


Concealment (100% dodge and Disrupt for 7 secs)

Mortal Round (Instant aoe damage)

Cannon Smash (sinbel target 2400 damage & armor debuff)

Hail of Doom (aoe damage 2400)


Positives of Sniper Build

High single target damage

Long range (188 feet max) more with gear combo

Easy to play

Very useful on siege (attack and defense)

Negatives of Sniper Build

Long casting times

Minimum mobility

Low survivability (solo)


Rotation 1


Gun Blast x2

Focused Fire

Hip Shot

Crack Shot

Rotation 2

Incendiary Rounds

Signal Flare


Crack Shot

Gun Blast

Focused Fire

Hip Shot

Gun Blast


The sniper builds dont have big variations. The renown is adjusted according ot the gear level. For example If a set is giving you more Ballistics then you reduce the points on Ballistics skill on renown and you add more weapon skill or ranged critical or even wounds, whatever you feel you need more.

The main stats you need to aim for in a sniper build are in order of importance

  • Weapon skill (armour penetration)
  • Ranged Critical (higher damage)
  • Ballistics (strike through)
  • Wounds (survival)
  • Futiel Strikes ( Reduced chance to recieve critical) Its best to be at 0% if possible or as close as possible

You can achieve the above stats by using either 1 set and renown points or by mixing gear sets and utilize either the stats of the set or the bonues along with renown. For example you can mix Beastlord gear ( ring, back, pocket ) 3 pieces and get extra weapon skill and ballistics and 1 extra talisman slot on the back with invader gear from forts for more weapon skill and range. On top since you are a DPS instead of getting the scenario weapons you can get the Blood lord weapons or Invader weapons depending on your style. There are alot of possibilities and combinations to do according to personal stlyes. This is something you need to do for yourself. No one can tell you how you want / need to play.

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