We all been wondering about the conversion rate for the new currency on ROR Warhammer online. We all had our speculation until this come about on Twitch stream I presume as a “leak”.

This is something that it was show on Twitch and its mend to be the conversion rate for the new currency.  I was able to confirm that this is an older version of what it will be released on the 09/03/2022. Now, older version and new, how far part it will be, unfortunately I can not tell. Never the less knowing the way things work in ROR –  at least most of the times – I believe that there will not a big difference from this list. Now what does that mean for most players?

For new players still leveling it will be a bit of an inconvenience  on the scouts, soldier, officer levels mainly. After that it get better. The conqueror and the Dominator is 5/1 which is not that bad or high in my opinion. A small benefit if they have from invader onwards since the rates are getting better gaining crests, ranging from  1/15 1/18 and 1/3 for shards.

Both new and old players will be happy to see that the vanquisher and oppressor exchange is 1/1 so you don’t loose anything and are the emblems and medallions that most have the highest amounts.

Older players will have an advantage on invader onwards since the rates are getting better ranging from  1/15 1/18 and 1/3 for shards. An advantage because most already have a fair amount if not a large amount for those that play 1 character mainly.

Also there is also to be determined what will happens with odd numbers and whether there will be a round down or a round up mechanism. I presume that there will be a limit and some will be rounded down and some rounded up. Lets see who will get lucky and get a few extra crests and who will get a bit less… Good luck!

One more point that we need to keep an eye out is the shards. According to this leaked conversion list the shards are converted to War Crests 1/1. This means that we will have War Crest shards? or that the shards are converted to War Crests and the shards mechanism is removed?

This is the main reason why it is still a good time to buy potions with the current currency below invader level since you will be loosing emblems & medallions in the up coming conversion and big time.

Below you will find a attachment  to a quick and simple excel calculator to do a fast conversion based on this list and see what you will end up after the exchange on Wednesday 09/03/2022.

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