The new currency is coming out in a few days (09/03/2022) and here are some things you need to know if you are a leveling player or a max level player alike and have alts. Although the exchange rate is not know as of yet here is what we do know:

There will be 2 currencies:

  •  RVR & Scenarios
  •  Genesis Items

Note: The Triumphant Emblems still stay in play for 1 Item  

The War Crests

Now when you do any PVP game mode (RvR or Scenarios) you will be getting the new Currency (War Crest) with the ROR logo on it. You can use this currency to buy any set from any level. However you can no longer skip any sets as you will need the unlock from buying the previous set. If you skipped a set in the past, don’t worry you are safe and can keep progressing forward.

The same currency can be used to buy Ranked sets. You can also use your current Triumphant Emblems to buy the sets. Here is the one thing you need to be aware: To buy the Ranked Ring you can ONLY use Triumphant Emblems/ insignia.

This means “You can play your favorite game modes, participate in your favorite activities in these game modes and get rewarded properly.” Unless you want to get that ring, in which case you need to do a certain amount of ranked matches to get Triumphant Emblems / insignia. In case you need them for the Talisman as well you will also need the following attendance to refresh the talisman. Some things are not clear and hopefully will be clarified on launch.

Reminder that when you play ranked you obtain:

  • Win: 20
  • Loss: 5
  • Draw: 10

Stalwart Soul stone costs 200 Triumphant Emblems / Week. Roughly 10 wins or 40 losses to get one.

The Genesis Crests 

These crests will be used in the place of the genesis items and subjugator items. No more wait for the right genesis gem or cloak. Now you collect this currency and you buy the desired item(s).Of course this will not be one coin to one item ratio. Here is the some of the costs:

  • Gold bags:     3 Genesis Crest
  • Purple bags: 2 Genesis Crest
  • Blue bags:      1 Genesis Crest


  • Genesis jewel set piece: 10 Genesis Crests
  • Genesis Cloak: 5 Genesis Crests


  • Subjugator Cloak:  5 Genesis Crests
  • 1 Handed Weapon: 20 Genesis Crests
  • 2 Handed Weapon: 40 Genesis Crests


If you have any currency and you want to spend it, buy potions. Apparently it better to do that now than after the exchange according to the devs.


Thoughts on these changes

Overall a change in the right direction and it will help new player and old player. I think that this will also help the new players to ease in the game without having to learn and worry for all those crests. I remember as a new player that i had a lot of issues and question such as whether they can be converted upwards or downwards.

This change will also be good for players that don’t like to do ranked like me but i want to collect the sets. Of course those players that like more RvR over scenarios or the other way around. Now they can acquire the set they want with the game mode they enjoy the most.

This limitation however on the Ranked talisman seems to be that it is another effort to try and keep the ranked version of scenarios alive. I haven’t been around lately to keep track of the progress regarding population and attendance on ranked but it still looks D.E.A.D! I am not convinced  yet and I don’t think I will be that ranked was a good idea in this game due to the original design of the game. Some think otherwise. Now that is here I suppose they need to keep it updated.

There are only two things left to see on this matter.

  • The exchange rate and
  • How many people the exchange rate will piss off.

Soon we will know….

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