The AMA for Return of Reckoning (ROR) lasted  almost one hour. In that one hour it was impossible to answer all the questions. This is common with the previous Q&A that happened in the past. In this article I want to see what questions were missed and what that could mean for this community . A lot of the questions are very lengthy with multiple parts, we will try and keep them simple.

Most of the Questions about classes where not answered. The question is – are they afraid to answer because people will not like the answers, or because they don’t know what they are doing?

Trying to “set the bar low and over deliver so that people are not disappointed and / or surprised.” That sentence might have an opposite effect as well.  Leaving too many questions answered creating an unintentional toxic effect, bickering. Not knowing, is an etching problem and you have to scratch it.

From the list of question posted on the Reddit forums I feel a divided community again.

You can read the full list of questions here

Questions like these ones:

  • Will the engineer be reworked?
  • Will the shaman be buffed?
  • Will the Zealot DPS be buffed?

However there are more questions and the strange thing is that the majority of the question are not PVP orientated. It is strange because usually we get a lot of debates about balance and classes which end up been very heated too on streams. Streams of course at least most of them are between 6 – 60 people on average.  Taking in account that the server is 1000 people that is a very low percentage. The majority of the questions on the AMA on Reddit are like the ones below.

  • Can we get Gryphon mount as a reward?
  • Is it possible to add more character appearance new mounts?
  • Is it possible to add more character appearance new mounts?
  • Do you plan to add khorne and nurgle skins to the chosen armor?
  • With enough funding, would re-building the game in a modern game engine be considered? Or even possible?
  • Has any work been done to improve the new player experience with regard to confusing gear progression, power gap and gold making?
  • Did you plan to release some PvE focused content in the near future ?

These questions rise a lot of other questions.

Does the community feel that the game is OK, PVP wise?

Does the community feels that the class / balance question will not be answered so they asked about other topics they feel might get an answer?

Is the community confused and divided?

Is the community been lead / poisoned by a few elitists with their own goals?

If the PVP questions are less than the PVE questions then do we or not, have a problem in the game? Is it a problem of the few which, are vocal and active or most just go with the flow?

Which also leads to more questions! How are the balance changes happening? IF most that care and we assume people care – from posting questions / forums- ask about PVE, Technical  and cosmetics, then who is left to give feedback and make true balances?

The developers? The Realm Champions? The most forums posts? The roll of the dice? the trailer videos? The new players?

I feel that this game was designed to have imbalances due to bad design and assumptions made during the concept of the game. One assumption was that people will not be playing much on the destruction side so they gave them more power to compensate for what they thought would be the week faction.

This flawed in the initial concept is only amplified by the fact that there are no 100% mirrors thus creating two completely fight style not compatible in all terrains for both sides.

Order with ranged having an advantage on funnels and walls, while Destruction has an advantage on open fields and any area you can cluster.

And with more questions arising again. Can the ROR Developers fix this issue? Can they truly undo these assumptions of the past?  Can they restore or create anew the classes to be balanced?

So many questions and you would of thought this is it there are no more questions! Well you thought wrong! Here are a few more questions that can easily spiral to conspiracy theory.

So, what happened to those people that were making another server? That server they even streamed on the Warhammer Online category on Twitch to show progress and how smooth it was? They were leaving to make a full PvP server with no PVE what so ever. I guess after 3 years they gave up! Lack of skills, funding, time? No one knows, well i don’t know. I suppose they came back, but did they give up the dream for a full PvP game with no PvE and 100% flag time?

If they are around and I believe some are, are they pushing changes to that end? Are they close to the dev team? I wonder!

Honestly I feel lost, cause you can read so much and you can see so much and then the same people that were arguing about things trying to bring a change in the game good or bad they end up not playing after that change happens, and most of the times it screws the game up for the rest.

Bringing me to my last question mark for this post. Can the devs keep a steady course to what they want and stop bugling under the forum pressure? Can they stir us (the game) in the right direction with out been distracted from cry babies? Is this still their game and we are the guests? Or are we all now part of this project? The lines seem blurry to me at this point.

Lets hope that these Q&A and AMA PR projects bring them what they wished for. I just hope they were careful when they were wishing!

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