Core Design

  • Kills generate 3 scenario points.
  • Uses interaction flags that generate 3 scenario points per tick.
  • Interaction flags have a 5 second interaction cast in order to take them. Interaction casts are broken when hit by any enemy ability regardless of pushback immunity.
  • You can only take flags if you own a linked flag.

Dominated Design

Condition: Your faction owns all flags in the scenario AND has 100 more points than the opposing faction. Result: Points generated by flag ticks are increased by 500%. Points generated by kills are reduced to 0.

Comeback Design

Condition: Your faction has 150 points less than the other OR the opposing faction has all flags in the scenario. Result: Points generated by flag ticks are increased by 100%. Points generates by kills are increased 300%.


Blood of the Black Cairn

Is a 12 v 12 scenario with 5 flags.

Logrin’s Forge

Is a 24 v 24 scenario with 7 flags.

Onslaught Scenario Mechanic Explained - Interbellum

#warhammer #privateserver #pvp #warhammeronline
A rundown of the core mechanics and design of the Scenario.

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