Core Design

  • Kills grant 5 scenario points.
  • These scenarios have 2 “primary” flags that passively grant 8 scenario points per scenario tick. These flags are proximity flags. Proximity flags are captured by standing near them. Each person nearby contributes 5% capture per second up to a maximum of 4 people per faction or 20%. The values are compared between the faction and the difference taken. So if there are 3 order (15%) and 1 destro (5%), the flag will tick 10% to order every second. This means you CANNOT take a proximity flag that has 4 of the opposing faction nearby (guess you’ll have to kill them!)
  • These scenarios have 1 secondary flag that is an interact flag. On capture, this flag will grant 50 scenario points and cause an explosion around the two primary flags. Interaction flags have a 5 second interaction cast in order to take them. Interaction casts are broken when hit by any enemy ability regardless of pushback immunity.
  • Players gain influence for flags they have tagged and kills they assist with. You tag a flag by either being present when it was captured, or by killing an enemy player near an owned flag.

    Dominated Design

    Condition: Your faction owns all primary flags in the scenario AND has 150 more points than the opposing faction. Result: Points generated by flag ticks are increased by 500%. Points generated by kills are reduced to 0.

    Comeback Design

    Condition: Your faction has 150 less points than the other. Result: Value from kills is increased by 300%. Secondary flag no longer deals damage to allied players when captured.



    High Pass Cemetery

    Is a 12 v 12 scenario. The secondary flag is a new flag that is in the center of the map. The explosion that this flag generates on the primary flag deals 7500 piercing damage, 7500 impact damage, and 7500 ichor damage to all players. This flag cannot be captured for 90 seconds after the beginning of the scenario or after the last time it was captured.

    Khaine’s Embrace

    Is a 12 v 12 scenario. The secondary flag is the Sword of Khaine placed at the Altar of Khaine in between the two flags. Whenever a player picks up the Sword of Khaine, it deals 7500 elemental, 7500 spiritual, and 7500 corporeal damage to all players. The Sword of Khaine cannot be captured for 90 seconds after the beginning of the scenario, and respawns at the altar 60 seconds after its wielder is killed. The Sword of Khaine grants its wielder 2000 penetration, 2000 sagacity, 150% lifetap, and -50% healing received. Every 5 seconds, the sword grants 1 stack of Enhanced Strength and a stack of a debuff. This debuff deals 250 spiritual damage every 2 seconds per stack.

Explosive Domination Scenario Mechanic Explained - Interbellum

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A rundown of the core mechanics and design of the Scenario.

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