Core Design

  • Kills grant 1 scenario point.
  • Flags generate scenario points on tick based on the maximum number of flags in the scenario. 1 flag is 20 points each, 3 flags is 5 points each, and 5 flags is 3 points each.
  • Proximity flags are captured by standing near them. Each person nearby contributes 5% capture per second up to a maximum of 4 people per faction or 20%. The values are compared between the faction and the difference taken. So if there are 3 order (15%) and 1 destro (5%), the flag will tick 10% to order every second. This means you CANNOT take a proximity flag that has 4 of the opposing faction nearby (guess you’ll have to kill them!)
  • Interaction flags have a 5 second interaction cast in order to take them. Interaction casts are broken when hit by any enemy ability regardless of pushback immunity.
  • Murderballs are a 2 second interaction object. Whenever you pick them up, you will gain 100% outgoing damage and 100% outgoing healing. Every 5 seconds, you will gain a stack of a debuff that reduces your outgoing damage, outgoing healing, damage reduction, and incoming damage by 3%. You also cannot pick up a murderball again for 5 minutes.
  • Players gain influence for flags they have tagged and kills they assist with. You tag a flag by either being present when it was captured, or by killing an enemy player near an owned flag.

Dominated Design

Condition: One faction owns all flags in the scenario AND has 100 more points than the opposing faction. Result: Points generated by flag ticks are increased by 500%. Points generated by kills are reduced to 0. Team cannot pick up murderballs.

Comeback Design

Condition: One faction has 150 points less than the other OR the opposing faction has all flags in the scenario. Result: Points generated by flag ticks are increased by 50%. Points generates by kills are increased 400%. Team will no longer gain the debuffs for murderballs.




Dragon’s Bane

Is a 12 v 12 scenario with 3 interaction flags. Each of the outside flags has a murderball nearby.

Gates of Ekrund

Is a 12 v 12 scenario with 3 proximity flags.

Lost Temple of Isha

Is a 6 v 6 scenario with 1 interaction flag. The murderball can only be picked up by the team that does not have the flag. The murderball has no debuffs and is dispelled when flag changes hands. Points per kill for this scenario are 10.


Is a 12 v 12 scenario with 3 proximity flags.

Reikland Hills

Is a 12 v 12 scenario with 5 interaction flags.

Thunder Mountain

Is a 24 v 24 scenario with proximity flags

Domination Scenario Mechanic Explained - Interbellum

#warhammer #privateserver #pvp
A rundown of the core mechanics and design of the Scenario.

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