Healing Build

For this build you will need to be level 40 Renown level 80 to fully utilize the build. The game allows for great versatility so i will attempt to give you an idea on the build, after that you will have to modify it to fit you game style. This is an all around good build to get you started in the healing bussiness, within a group protected, providing some support with a bit of dps to heal and stagger to cc the eneny as well as good heals and shielding effects for group members.


Here you can use full Vanquisher set. Genesis set for rings and Scenario staff or Subjugator. Using this sets & tactics will give you a good all around build. Talismans are split between Armour (The higher the better) and wounds. The Rune priest healing is based on Healing Critical rather than willpower. You still need will power but not as much as other healers.


Below you can see what skills i prefer for my build. We use the path of Greungni and the path of Grimnir.

From Path of Grungni pick:

Rune of Binding (Stagger)

Rune of Fortune

Runic Blasting

From the path of Grimnir pick:

Ancestor’s Echo

Master Rune of Adamant


Now that we have our gear and our skills its time to improve them all. It is time to use the renown we have acquired through PVP. In this build we focus on a balance between survival and good healing. (This in not the perfect build but it works).

  • 5 levels of Spiritual Refinement to increase Critical Heal to max from Renown.
  • 4 levels of Resolve to boost my Willpower  a bit to get some bigger heals. Sometimes you need those numbers as a healer.
  • 3 levels of Vigor to increase my HP a bit. Hp is a good buffer for incoming damage.
  • 1 Level of futile Strikes to reduce chance to be critical hit. Most people want that to be at Zero % and that is the best. On this build it is not.

In this build you are out of harms way healing to your max.. Learn to de-taunt on time if jumped.


Blessing of Grungni

Runic Blasting

Restorative Burst or Ancestor’s Inheritance

Discipline or Ancestor’s Echo.


Divine Favor

Focused Mind or Rampaging Siphon

Divine Protection

Alter Fate



Positives of Healing Build

Good Heal

Action point efficient (Restorative burst)

Easy to play

Negatives of Healing Build

Low Survival on open field


Rotation 1 Single Target

Rune of Regeneration

Rune of Fortune

Grungni’s Gift (spam)

Rune of Adamant

Rune of Restoration (rotate)

Rotation 2 AOE:​​​​

Rune of Adamant

Blessing of Valaya (spam)

Rune of Serenity (rotate)

Rune of Regeneration (rotate)


The builds usualy stay the same as far as the paths and skill picks. However as you progress into the game and gain access to new gear and higher level gear you need to adjust your stats. For example you can use this exact build with Invader gear which also will give you free cleanse and more healing power. With this set you can drop soem of the renow points on willpower  and relay on the procs to heal better and replace willpower with wounds for example to increase your survival. Depending on your group setup and game style adjustments need to be made.. always. I hope this helps you all get into the Rune oriest class and makeyour own combos and builds.

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