Grenadier | Tinkerer Build

For this build you will need to be level 40 Renown level 80 to fully utilize the build. The game allows for great versatility so i will attempt to give you an idea on the build, after that you will have to modify it to fit you game style.


First lets see what gear we will need to use. This build can be played using Vanquisher gear or Oppressor gear. I would go for oppressor gear that will give more defense than DPS. This build is a Utility build with the main purpose to assist the party in multiple way, so we go half way dps half defense.

For rings you can go either Genesis set or The winds Impervious set for defense since there is no defensive Genesis set for engineers.

Talismans should be ballistics and weapons from scenarios preferably the defensive ones.


Below you can see what skills i prefer for my build. We use the path of Grenadier and the path of Tinkerer.

From Path of Grenadier pick:

Sticky Bomb (Best dot ever)

Phosphorous Shells

From the path of Tinkerer pick:

Extra Ammo Tactic

Lightning Rod

Bugman’s Keg

Electromagnet (Optional Trench Fighting)


Now that we have our gear and our skills its time to improve them all. It is time to use the renown we have acquired through PVP. In this build we focus on damage & defense alike.

3 levels of Marksmen. If you ballistic is satisfactory add some in Deft defender.

4 levels of Vigor to get a nice high HP.

3 levels of Futile strikes to reduce critical chance.

4 levels of Reflexes to increase parry. Great defense against melee.


Ancestral Inheritance

Masterful Aim

Expert Skirmisher

Extra Ammo


Well-Oiled Machine

Masterful Aim

Extra Ammo

Trench Fighting


Concealment or Point blank

Armour plating or Mortar Round

Cannon Smash

Hail of Doom

The first 2 depending on your style defensive of offensive. This build needs to be balanced to be as useful as possible under the circunstances.



Positives of  Utility Build

Good mobility

Good AOE damage

Very group friendly (PVP)

Great fun pulling

Negatives of Utility Build

Requires high player skill

Medium survivability

High AP Demand (Extra Ammo)

Can solo but not good – Medium dps


Use skills depending on situation

With this build you have the ability to pull near you group players that are near death to finish them off or away from guard or even to save that healer that’s been chased. But, by doing so, you pull attention to your self thus the higher defenses than dps grenadier. With the extra ammo tactic you have enough AP to keep fighting and also provide AP to anyone 20ft from your turret i.e a healer.

Of course you add to the groups dps, the keg helps with the heals, and with a pull combined with the lighting rod, friction burn and the trench fighting you can add a nice burst. Use the shock grenade to un-stagger group members.

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