Mark of the Deep sets sail as an ambitious title, blending the exploration of a Metroidvania with the challenging combat of Souls-like games. You take the helm as Marcus “Rookie” Ramsey, a pirate searching for his lost crew on a cursed island shrouded in mystery.

Reasons to Set Sail:

  • Unique Genre Blend: If you enjoy the exploration and environmental puzzles of Metroidvanias and the punishing but rewarding combat of Souls-likes, Mark of the Deep offers a unique experience that merges these styles.
  • Piratey Atmosphere: Ahoy, mateys! The game captures the swashbuckling spirit of pirates with its setting and lore.
  • Strong Narrative: Unravel the secrets of the island and the reasons behind the curse as you progress through the story.

Reasons to Walk the Plank:

  • Difficulty Curve: Be prepared for a challenge! The Souls-like influences mean enemies hit hard, and death can be frequent. This may not be for everyone.
  • Combat Clunkiness: While challenging, some players find the combat mechanics feel a bit clunky and imprecise.
  • Early Access Status: The game is still under development, so expect some bugs and missing features.

The Verdict:

Mark of the Deep has garnered a mixed response.

  • [PC Gamer]gave it a 6/10, praising the atmosphere and narrative but criticizing the combat.
  • [IGN]scored it a 7.5/10, commending the unique genre blend but noting the occasional technical glitches.

Platforms and Availability:

Mark of the Deep is currently available for PC on Steam.


Mark of the Deep offers a challenging and intriguing adventure for players who enjoy both Metroidvanias and Souls-likes. However, the difficulty and potentially clunky combat may dissuade some gamers. If you’re up for a tough fight and a captivating pirate story, then set sail for this cursed island. But if you prefer a more forgiving experience, you might want to wait until the game is further polished in Early Access.

**IF you read this before May 15th you can request access via Steam for the open gameplay test starting on the 15th of May**

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