Desperados 3 is a real-time tactical stealth game set in the Wild West. It offers a unique experience with tight mechanics, a strong cast of characters, and a setting that feels foreign to stealth games. The game is developed  Mimimi Games and published by THQ Nordic

Positive Aspects:

  • Tight Mechanics: Desperados 3 provides satisfying Wild West tropes, a surprisingly compelling story, and an endlessly gratifying tactical layer that makes you feel like the architect of a bandit-murdering Rube Goldberg machine3.
  • Variety: The game offers a healthy dose of variety, with a strong cast of characters and a setting that feels foreign to stealth games.
  • Unique Experience: Desperados 3 is a stellar game that stands out with its unique setting and tight mechanics.
  • Engaging Story: The game’s campaign serves as an origin story for the main protagonist, John Cooper, and takes players on a violent tour through vibrant and wonderfully detailed frontier settings.
  • Camaraderie: The camaraderie shared between the five playable characters adds depth to the game, with contextual banter that helps define their individual personalities.

Negative Aspects:

  • Frustrating Moments: Some players have reported frustrating moments in the game.
  • Steep Learning Curve: The game’s mechanics may take some time to master, which could be a deterrent for players looking for a more casual experience.

Reasons to Play:

  • Satisfying Wild West tropes and a compelling story.
  • Unique setting and tight mechanics.
  • Variety in gameplay and a strong cast of characters.
  • Engaging story and camaraderie between characters.

Reasons to Consider:

  • Frustrating moments reported by some players. Those moments that you say “I will never pass this point!”
  • Steep learning curve for the game’s mechanics.


  • Steam Overall Review Rating: Mostly Positive.
  • Ratings from Popular Gaming Sites:
    • IGN: Desperados 3 is a Western that’s just as wily as it is wild, and should be firmly in the ironsights of anyone with the appetite for a serious stealth challenge.
    • Game Rant: Desperados 3 is a stellar game with tight mechanics and a healthy dose of variety.
    • Open Critic: Desperados 3 is a new entry in the series that results in one of the best recent stealth experiences.

Desperados 3 can be played on PC and can be purchased on Steam.

Summary: Desperados 3 offers a unique and satisfying Wild West stealth experience with tight mechanics and a strong cast of characters. The game’s variety and compelling story make it a standout title in the genre. However, players should be aware of potential frustrating moments and a steep learning curve. Overall, Desperados 3 is a stellar game that is worth considering for fans of the genre. It can be played in any difficulty setting even at desperado level ( highest) with a bit of practice and patience. Overall it was a great experience. This company has made a gem of this game and proud to have played it!

You can purchase the game here and you can use the code FixxerTV on checkout to support a creator.

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