Bless Unleashed is an MMORPG released on the 6th of August 2021 as a free-to-play MMORPG.

According to the description on Steam bless Unleashed is an open-world online game that can be enjoyed with your friends and countless others. Venture out to engage in intense combat while exploring vast regions and treacherous dungeons. In the first couple of hours of the release of the game, the comments on Steam were mostly negative. 60% of the people playing the game gave it a negative review. 2 days later on the 8th of August 2021 the reviews are still continuing to be negative but only to make it a mixed outcome, giving it a 54% negative rating.

The game is free-to-play however it does have a microtransaction shop.  The game is not pay-to-win, it is pay to progress. This means you can buy items which will give you more XP, faster movement, more gold from killing NPC’s so on and so forth . This type of microtransactions is very common these days in MMORPGs. Upon release I played this game for approximately two hours before I gave up. Here are the things that I did not like in this game after playing it for just 2 hours.

When going into the game the controls were feeling more like I was playing on a console rather than a PC. That was expected because it is a console game that was  moved to the PC.  The people who transferred the game from the console to the PC format, seem like they have no idea what a player needs when they play a MMORPG on a PC.

You can see this when you look at the default key bindings of the game where space is dodge instead of jump where control is jump instead of dodge.  In addition the combat is action-based, which is not bad however, the fact that all the combos are on the mouse instead of the key binds such as 1, 2, 3 e.t.c it does make it a little bit weird at first.  Furthermore, having all the combos on the mouse forces you to do left click, left click, left click and then right click, right click and it might seem very nice at the beginning but if you try and do that for 2 hours straight, doing all those combos your fingers will get tired very fast. This was the first thing that I found really annoying. I felt like I was playing on a console rather than the PC and if I want to play a console game, I just go and  play on a console.

The second thing I did not like in this game is the dialogues between the NPCs and the player when doing quests. Talking to an NPC, instead of like most pc-based MMORPGs, where they use the E key to interact or click on them you were forced to press F which feels again weird because it’s not the normal key for PC users to use what interacting with NPCs or the world around them. The actual videos when you’re receiving the quest are out of sync. Either the NPC lips are moving and the sound comes later or you hear the sound and the lips of the NPC are not moving giving you a very bad experience when you are looking in the quest.

On top of that , in some streams people were skipping through the quest like I was doing, because nobody really cares to read the story, they just want to progress through the world.

Although skipping the quests really quickly to move on, it is something usual in MMORPGs today, in most games people will tend to at least listen to the story for a little bit at the beginning but if the story is something you cannot hear because of the desync and the crappy videos then you just have to skip them, you’re forced to.

Moving to the first few levels was very easy. However, moving through towns and other regions in the game I found another thing that was really bad and annoying. The sound itself was giving me a headache. The background noises were really loud and a lot of them, making me feel that I was in a real town. I was getting a headache and turning them down along with the music was the solution. However it made the game feel very empty.

The Quests were easy to understand even if you do not read the story, as usual you just follow the line on the floor and you end up where your quest is and all the targets marked and it is very easy to complete them.

One thing I noticed was that the first big fight that I had in the game was the world boss, a wolf, where it had around 20 to 30 people shooting it every 10 to 15 seconds, which was the respawn timer. Although that was cool, and refreshing after the New world slow respawn timer, it was also very annoying to have 30 people killing the same boss over and over and over and over again in order to gain top-tier, top level gear.

I watched some streams and the same thing was happening to another world boss over and over and over again until you get the items and you move on, so as far as the gameplay is concerned, it started to feel more of the boring repetition of killing a big boss that requires 10 to 20 people get some gear and then move on.

Some people may say that I did not give this game  a fair shot since I only played it for 2 hours.  Nevertheless I have to tell you that in those two hours my fingers were hurting from clicking the mouse to do all the combos, maybe I was clicking them too fast, maybe I didn’t have to, but it was really weird. I got really tired of skipping the quest and skipping the videos because I couldn’t read them or hear them. And overall I didn’t see any fun in the game or anything fun for me to do except move on.

Personally I’m looking for games that’s going to allow me to have some fun, explore the world and not be funneled into a grind. It feels more of a job. I want a game for fun not a job. I think that this game has failed in those aspects and therefore I’m going to give it a generous 4/10.

In conclusion I would say that as a free-to-play MMORPG it is a game that you can definitely play and pass your time a little bit while you’re waiting for a new MMORPG to come out.

It is free to play and you can download it from Steam. I will put a link for you further down. Lastly I would like to say that after experiencing the game for 2 hours as I mentioned, I have no idea why this game was so anticipated, so hyped out. Most people I have talked to agree “it is ok for free to play”…. this statement feels more of an excuse rather than a review.

As always if you guys decide to play this game and you download it please let me know what you think about it.

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