Omno is a single player journey of discovery through an ancient world of wonders created by solo developer Jonas Manke.

This game will truly take you through a journey. A Journey through five distinctive worlds which you have to solve puzzles  to unlock the portal in order to move to the next World. The story is fascinating as long as you find all the little books to read it. They are spread around the world and easy to find. The world design by Jonas is wonderful and it really takes you through a wonderful journey in this game. It is a game that you can play as an adult or as a child. I would also say that this is a game you could play with your children so that the children will have fun exploring the world solving the puzzles and when they get stuck with a little bit of help from you it can make a nice afternoon parent-child(ren) time.

Going through the worlds in this game I found that it is easy to navigate, the tutorials are very helpful when you start the game, to get the hang of things and how to move around and what you need to do. It is one of the most responsive games I have played when it comes to controls.

Once you start playing the game, you really want to keep going, it really keeps you hooked into the story and solving the puzzles while trying to move to the next level. Unfortunately having only five distinct levels it does feel a little bit short. Regardless of the amount of time you will spend finishing this game, which we did it on stream in about 6  or 7 hours, I am certain that you will definitely enjoy it and you will not feel like you wasted your money buying this game to play it.

I hope that you will enjoy this game if you do buy it and play it please let us know in the comments what do you think about this game.

Omno on Steam


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