The ascent is a solo and Co-op action shooter RPG setting the cyberpunk world the mega corporation that owns you and everyone the same group has just collapsed. Can you survive without it?

That is the actual description when you look at the game on Steam and it is very accurate actually has very positive reviews and I’m going to give it another positive a review because this game is simply amazing.

I haven’t played it go off but I’m solo again it is just amazing the atmosphere it feels like it came out of a novel. The cyberpunk music in the whole game and combat, it just puts you in the mood to fight. The controls are very easy to use,  ASDW to move, space to roll / dodge, targeting is easy it is a game however,  you have to be a little bit tactical every now and then because you have to take cover.  You have a small variety of weapons and armor but you really do not  need more. I mean you  out there to kill things and have fun and progressed through the game. The game is about 18 to 20 hours and you can of course double or triple that if you go for all the side quests, open all the boxes, find all the gear.  I would definitely recommend try and get a weapon to level 10 and so that you have enough Firepower for the end lelvel. There are a few things that are annoying in this game and one of them is the fact that you have to go back at some points and if you go walking then you have to kill all the enemies you already killed and if you want to go back where you started you have to re kill them.

However as annoying as that might be it also beneficial. It is beneficial because you keep your XP so if you go back and forth all the time or you’re trying to pass a specific level like the one I got stuck in the club; doing it over and over and over again trying to get better player skills then you also level up your character because the XP is there  despite the fact you keep reloading and reloading. The XP stays and you can level up by doing the same thing.

It is a game that I honestly believe you will totally, totally enjoy. You will not feel you wasted your money. The game is approximately 30 Euros in Steam but you can always get it a little bit cheaper somewhere else.  26 with a discount of the moment of this video.

I don’t think there’s anything else about this game except that I highly, highly recommend play this game enjoy it with your friends or alone at home. It is a game that actually does have replayability. You can play it again and again and enjoy it trying different combos different setups.

I’ll give you a little hint try and find the flamethrower the game is so much better with a flamethrower!  Well I suppose every game is better with a flamethrower in.


I’ll try to do some more podcast cause I haven’t done any before I hope this one will come out all right. If you enjoyed let me know we’ll do some more views like this, becaue to be honest this is a lot easier to do than typing all the time.  So go grab the  Ascent and let me know what you think about it.


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