Beneath the Mountain is a dwarven city-builder and real-time-strategy game for PC gamers seeking a blend of kingdom management and monster-bashing. In Beneath the Mountain, you play as the King of a new Dwarven civilization seeking to find their fortune beneath the mountain. You dig your way through the mountain, encountering many dangerous foes along the way, all while defending your kingdom from periodic Orc invasions. While it offers a charming premise and enjoyable moments of building your underground empire, the game is held back by repetitive mechanics and a lack of depth.

Reasons to Play Beneath the Mountain:

  • Satisfy Your Inner Dwarf King: Who doesn’t dream of building a thriving dwarven city deep beneath the mountains? Beneath the Mountain lets you mine for resources, construct elaborate structures, and amass a loyal dwarven army.
  • Classic Gameplay: The core loop of building, resource management, and battling enemies offers a familiar and relaxing gameplay experience for strategy veterans.
  • Casual-Friendly: Beneath the Mountain allows for short, focused play sessions, making it a good choice for players with limited time.

Reasons to Hold Off:

  • Repetitive Grind: The core gameplay loop can become repetitive quickly. Mining, building, and fighting follow a predictable pattern that may not hold your interest for long.
  • Limited Strategic Depth: The game lacks the complexity of more strategic city-builders. Base building and army management feel shallow, offering little room for creative problem-solving.
  • Basic Visuals: While the game’s art style is functional, the graphics lack the polish and detail found in other strategy titles.

The Verdict:

Beneath the Mountain is a mixed bag. While it provides a cozy dwarven world to tinker in, the repetitive gameplay and lack of strategic depth may leave experienced strategy fans wanting more.


  • Metacritic: 68/100
  • Steam User Rating: Mixed (66% positive)

Platforms: Beneath the Mountain is currently available for PC on Steam. Steam Link


If you’re looking for a light-hearted city-builder with a charming dwarven theme, Beneath the Mountain might be worth checking out, especially during a sale. However, if you crave a deep and strategic experience, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

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