Primary Stats

Essentially provide a block of secondary stats for cheaper than their total item power level. Primary Stats are hard capped to 0-1000. Base values for all of them are 0.
Strength 2 melee attack power 1 ranged attack power 1 spell attack power 0.032% potency
Ballistic Skill 1 melee attack power 2 ranged attack power 1 spell attack power 0.012% accuracy
Intelligence 1 melee attack power 1 ranged attack power 2 spell attack power 1.6 critical hit rating
Toughness 3.2 Hardiness 0.064% Fortitude 3 armor 0.75 HP4
Wounds 4 health
Weapon Skill 2.5 penetration 0.1% pushback immunity 2 piercing resistance 2 corporeal resistance
Willpower 2.5 sagacity 2 restoration power 2 impact resistance 2 spiritual resistance
Initiative 0.25 Maximum Action Points 0.1% healing received 2 ichor resistance 2 elemental resistance
Agility 3 dodge rating 0.03 AP regen.

Secondary Stats

These stats control most aspects of combat. Base amount is 0 unless specified.
Health – if this drops to 0, you die. Base amount is 6000.
Power – increases the Base value of your abilities by that ability’s modifier.
There are four types:
Melee Attack (MAP),
Ranged Attack (RAP),
Spell Attack (SAP), and
Restoration (RP)
Critical Hit Rating – This is your chance to critically hit an enemy. With 1 rating equaling 0.01% crit chance.
Hardiness – Reduces enemy Critical Hit Rating down to minimum of 0.
Potency – Your Critical hits deal this much more damage. Base is 25%.
Fortitude – Reduces enemy Potency down to a minimum of 10%.
Dodge – This is your chance to avoid all effects of any ability. With 1 Rating equaling 0.01% dodge chance.
Block – This is your chance to reduce the damage of an incoming ability by doubling your armor and resistances against it. With 1 Rating equaling 0.01% block chance. Base is 5%.
Accuracy – Reduces enemy dodge and block to a minimum of 0. Negative accuracy increases enemy dodge. –You can only Dodge/Block attacks made from in front of you. (Critical Hits and %Hit calculations are no longer split by the type of attack. So no melee crit, ranged crit, etc)
Resistance – Reduces all damage against that type of damage.
There are 6 damage types: piercing, impact, ichor, corporeal, elemental, and spiritual.
Armor – Adds to your resistance against all direct damage. Does not work against indirect damage.
Penetration – Reduces enemy piercing, impact, and ichor resistance.
Sagacity – Reduces enemy corporeal, elemental, and spiritual resistance.
Maximum Action Points – Base is 250.
AP Cost – Multiplier on AP costs. Base is 100%.
AP Regen – Gain this amount of AP every second. Base is 0.
Adrenaline per second – Base is 4. Minimum is -36, Maximum is 36.
HP4 – Gain this amount of health every 4 seconds. Not affected by any healing modifiers. When not in combat this values is increased 500%. Base value is 240.
Pushback Immunity – Chance to reduce push back on casting/channeling skills when being hit.
Cast Time – Percent modifier on overall cast time. Base is 100%.
Mass – Effects crowd control durations. Base is 4.
Outgoing Damage – Increases how much damage you deal. Base is 100%.
Damage Reduction – Reduces enemy damage against you. Base is 100%
Outgoing Healing – Increases all healing you do including to self. Does not apply to lifetaps or absorbs. Base is 100%
Healing Received – Increases all healing you receive from sources you do not control. Does not apply to lifetaps or absorbs. Base is 100%.


Power modifiers for each ability will be shown on the tooltip displayed in game. For example, 21% MAP + 280 piercing damage. This means that if you had 1000 melee attack power, that ability would deal (210 + 280) 490 piercing damage as it’s base value. Critical hit chance and damage are linear formulae. Just add up all the bonuses and subtract all the negatives and the remaining is your value.
Critical hit chance must be 0-100%. Critical damage must be 110%+. Dodge, block, and full hits are on an attack table essentially. The server will roll one time and select the value. If you have 20% chance to dodge and 30% chance to block those are your actual chances. In this example, 1-20 would be a dodge, 21-50 would be a block, 51-100 would be a full hit.
Types of hits can be “pushed off the table” such as if dodge/block total more than 100%, you cannot get a full hit. Dodge > Block > Normal Hit. The above is independent of the crit chance roll. An attack can both be blocked/dodged and be a critical hit. Positive accuracy values remove enemy dodge down to 0 first, then block down to 0. Further value is wasted.
Negative accuracy values add to enemy dodge. Resistance Mitigation Armor simply adds to the damage resistance as long as the type of damage is direct. Armor is useless against DoTs. Sagacity or Penetration is subtracted from the value. Resistance + Armor? + Penetration = Resistval %mitigation = Resistval / (Resistval +2500) %mitigation cannot be below 0% or above 75%

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