Mass is the stat that adjusts crowd control durations. Minimum value is 0, maximum is 8, and base value is 4. Mass is a stat that will NOT be found on gear and is controlled entirely by abilities, passive, and tactics.

Disarmed prevents use of skills for 5 seconds.

Ensnared reduces your movement speed by 30%. The duration is equal to 16 – (2 * target’s mass).

Knock backs push the enemy away from you. Distance is variable by height so these values will be assuming flat ground. 60ft + (10 * (caster’s mass – target’s mass))

Knocked-down prevents all control of your character. Duration is equal to 3 + caster’s mass – target’s mass.

Pull effects bring the enemy next to you. They are not dodged, but their success rate is based on mass. Success rate = 15% * (4 + caster’s mass – target’s mass)

Rooted prevents your character from moving for 5 seconds.

Silenced prevents your character from using spells for 5 seconds.

Staggered prevents all control of your character for the duration. Being hit by an enemy ability removes the effect. Duration is equal to 9 – target’s mass.

We will still be using a crowd control immunity system that is applied whenever you are CCed. We will, however, have 4 categories instead of 2 to allow different types of CCs to be useful.

Momentum prevents the application of Ensnared for 8 seconds.

Immovable prevents application of Rooted, Pulls, and Knockback effects for 20 seconds.

Inevitable prevents the application of Disarmed and Silenced for 20 seconds.

Unstoppable prevents application of Knocked-down and Staggered for 30 seconds. In addition, we will have a pocket item that can remove Ensnared, Disarmed, Silenced, and Rooted from yourself. (Can’t remove knocked down and Staggered because of how they function) Also some classes/archetypes have ways out of specific types of CC.


We are removing any confusion about what stacks in Interbellum. Any ability with the same name does not stack; outside of that everything stacks. So how are we going to handle people stacking several different strength sources from classes you say? Well now each of those types of effects actually will apply a +5/-5 buff/debuff. With the reduced version of this dispelling the enhanced version and vice versa.

It works almost exactly the same as Pokemon’s stat enhancement system. So multiple different abilities can apply stacks of enhanced strength onto a target and that buff will stack to 5. If you already have 5, new stacks just refresh. If an enemy applies reduced strength to you, you will drop to 4 stacks of enhanced strength. These effects will all have a 15 second duration and count as buffs/debuffs. This means that the number of dispel-able effects in the game will be significantly less. This should make general dispels more impactful.



Alright, so let’s say we have abilities:

Smash Mcdebuff – Deals impact damage to target and applies one stack of Reduced Strength.

STR Be Gone – Deals piercing damage to tagrget and applies one stack of Reduced Strength.

I Iz Strong – You gain 2 stacks of Enhanced Strength. Super Duper Strength Remove – Enemy gains an affliction for 8 seconds. For the duration they lose 100 strength.

So you hit someone with Smash Mcdebuff and they get one stack of Reduced Strength (-1). Hit them again they are at (-2). Another player hits the same target with STR Be Gone and the target is at (-3). The target casts I IZ Strong on themselves which brings them to (-1). Super Duper Strength Remove gets cast on the person and now they still have the -1 debuff and the 8s affliction (dispellable) that also reduced strength.

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