• There will be horizontal and vertical progression, every few seasons. Item level will change based
on a certain launch lvl and will increase to a final one. Horizontal progression is based on being
able to easily get multiple sets via drops.
• 20 hours to get from 1 to lvl 40 and RR 80 (Mastery Points earned by lvl not RR). Gear will also
be earned faster and will have RNG stats (drop based).
• All addons allowed, in regards to NB. The game has been designed to circumvent the necessity for
NB and even if people use it, they won’t get any skill benefits from it. The devs believe it’s better
to design around these issues instead of banning addons.


• 1.1s GCD.
• True damage is removed, morales can be mitigated.
• MMO holy-trinity replaced with a star based system. DPS can now shift towards support, support
can shift towards DPS etc.
• Major meta changes are scheduled every season (current estimate is every 4 months). Minor
fixes/adjustments will be done if needed in-between.


• Gear will be RNG for stats selected.
• Gear is BoE so it can be traded.
• Gear is gained via drops.
• There will be two level requirements for gear, lvl 1 and lvl 16. Respectively T1 and T+, gear will
have an ilvl and will for example start at ilvl40 on release and increase to an internally decided
maximum(gear that drops ilvl).
• Dump stats on gear no longer exist, for example a slayer can use ballistic skill.


• Anti-zerg ideas: Classes have anti-zerg abilities that scale based on players. RVR system has
multiple zones to make it harder for blobs to control the battle. Localised benefits based on
relative numbers.
• No bolstering due to how the gear system works.
• Active zones are based on pop, the more pop the more active zones.
• Two RvR tiers, T1 aka “Tutorial Tier” and T+ aka “Tier 2-4“.

• Azarael has re-written the WAR Emulator from the ground up. And has converted it from C# to
C++. Apparently it’s far more performant and doesn’t stutter. This includes a re-write of the ability

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