Core Design

  • Kills grant 5 scenario points.
  • Three different destructible objects. 1 with 100 stacks, 1 with 200 stacks, 1 with 300 stacks. Each time a destructible point is attacked by an enemy it loses 1 stack.
  • The last destructible object has 50% chance to resist losing a stack when struck by enemy players. Stacks with all other effects. Does not count towards the bomb.
  • Each stack removed from an enemy destructible object grants 1 scenario point.
  • Each destructible object passively generates 2 scenario points per scenario tick while active.
  • The bomb is a 5 second interaction based object to pick up. Interaction casts break automatically regardless of pushback immunity whenever you are hit by an enemy ability.
  • Once active, the player has 2.5 minutes to run it to a location before it detonates. The bomb will remove 300 stacks from any object after a 2.5s interaction cast to place it. If the player dies or the timer reaches zero, that player and all players within 30 feet of them die. Bomb respawns in the middle after 30 seconds.
  • Players gain influence by being near an enemy objective when it loses stacks.


Dominated Design

Condition: Your faction has 150 scenario points more than the opponent. Result: Kills grant -1 scenario points. Passive point generation is increased by 500%. Bomb grants 50% movement speed if there are no enemies within 100 feet.

Comeback Design

Condition: The enemy faction has 100 scenarios points more than yours. Result: Your destructible objects resist losing stacks 50% of the time when struck by enemy players. Does not count towards the bomb. Your bomb holder has 25% movement speed at all times. Passive point generation is increased by 300%.


Howling Gorge

Is a 6 v 6 scenario that uses the standard ruleset.

Talabec Dam

Is a 12 v 12 scenario with the following adjustments. Destructible objects have innate 25% chance to resist losing stacks except by bomb. Combines with comeback design.

Bombing Run Scenario Mechanic Explained - Interbellum

#warhammer #privateserver #pvp
A rundown of the core mechanics and design of the Scenario.

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