Scenario Information

  • Scenarios are won when one side reaches 500 points.
  • All scenarios have a 15 minute timer. At the end of this timer, whichever team has the highest score wins.
  • Scenarios tick every 15 seconds. Any passive points gained for objectives are earned then. Points earned for active objectives and kills are earned on completion.
  • All players respawn for both teams on a 45 second interval.
  • As such there are 60 ticks and 20 spawns in a scenario that lasts the full 15 minutes.
  • Scenarios in general will not have spawn guards. Instead they will have invulnerable NPC(s) which provide as an aura 4 stages of a spawn buff.

Stage 1 lasts 4s and grants 25% outgoing damage and 25% damage reduction.

Stage 2 lasts 8s and grants 25% outgoing damage and 25% damage reduction.

Stage 3 lasts 12s and grants 25% outgoing damage and 25% damage reduction.

Stage 4 lasts 16s and grants 25% outgoing damage and 25% damage reduction.

Essentially you are immune to damage and deal double damage while in spawn. This effect is reduced over time after you leave spawn as a method of spawn protection and comeback design.

Scenario Selection

In tier tutorial, there is only one scenario available and that is the Gates of Ekrund. In tier plus, there will always be three 6v6, three 12v12, and three 24v24 scenarios available in the three different queues. Players will NOT currently able to queue for specific scenarios as the different queue types in ⁠Scenario Philosophy will select for you.

The scenarios that are in the list will update based on the current active zone(s) and the previous zones in the RvR campaign. Referencing the attached picture, if the next zone to open in RvR would be Black Crag, then the Blackfire Basin and Logrin’s Forge scenarios will move to the top of the 24v24 list of scenarios and be available alongside the now 3rd choice on that list. While Doomfist Crater scenario will go to the top of the 12v12 scenario list and be available with the now 2nd-6th choices on that list. This ensures a constant cycling of scenarios available to people who are playing.

Scenario Universal Design Explained - Interbellum

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General information on how the scenarios will work when the game is released.

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