Core Design

  • Kills grant 2 scenario points.
  • Owning your own flag passively generates 3 scenario points every scenario tick.
  • Holding the enemy flag passively generates 2 scenario points every scenario tick.
  • Both factions passively generate 15 scenario points every tick for each neutral flag that hasn’t been picked up.
  • Holding a neutral flag passively generates 5 scenario points per tick.
  • Capturing a flag generates 125 points.
  • Flags respawn 15 seconds after capture or death of the holder.
  • Killing the enemy flag carrier and returning it generates 25 points.
  • Picking up the flag is a 3 second interaction. Interaction casts break automatically regardless of pushback immunity whenever you are hit by an enemy ability.
  • Players gain influence for passive flag generation as well as capture if they are nearby that particular flag.

Dominated Design

Condition: Your faction has 200 scenario points more than the opponent. Result: Kills grant -5 points unless  your faction is holding the flag or has captured it within the last minute. Holding the flag generates 300% more points. Capturing the enemy flag generates 200% more points.

Comeback Design

Condition: Your faction has 100 scenario points less than the opponent. Result: The value of kills and flag ticks are increased by 200%.


Phoenix Gate

Is a 6 v 6 scenario with 1 faction-based flag on either side. Capture point is your own faction flag which you must own in order to capture the enemy flag.

Serpent’s Passage

Is a 12 v 12 scenario with 1 neutral flag. Each faction must collect the flag and return it to their own base. The location of the neutral flag changes after it is captured to further up the beach.

Grovod Caverns

Is a 12 v 12 scenario. This scenario has 1 neutral flag, 1 faction-based flag on each side in the under region, and 1 faction-based flag on opposite sides of the map. All flags must be captured at the the last flag’s location. No captured flags will respawn. Every 100 points either faction gets will cause tunnels to cave in and bridges to collapse at random. If both enemy and the neutral flags have been captured, your faction will generate 50 scenario points per tick.

Capture the Flag Scenario Mechanic Explained - Interbellum

#warhammer #privateserver #pvp
A rundown of the core mechanics and design of the Scenario.

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