Scenario Type: Capture the Flag
Size: 12 Vs 12
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Victory Conditions: 500 points
Scoring: 1 point per player kill, 75 points for capturing enemy flag.


The Battle of Black Fire was a most important event. History saw the founding of the Empire through that great battle, with Sigmar anointed its first Emperor, and the oath sworn by the Dwarf king that the eastern borders of the lands of men would suffer no attack from an enemy force. In the Age of Reckoning, Black Fire Basin will once again be the site of epic battles.

Control of the pass is key to the defense of the Empire’s south lands, now largely undefended as the bulk of the Empire’s army has marched north to meet the onrushing Chaos war host. The pass also figures into the plans of Warlord Grumlok, who wishes to secure it so that greenskin tribes to the north and west can join the Waaagh! without the need to cross over the mountains.

Order Strategy

This is a classic battle of Capture the Flag. You need to grab the enemy’s flag and bring it back to your flag, which must be sitting in its home spot, to earn points. The number-one rule: Work together as a team. If you go running off on your own, you simply weaken the group’s strength in numbers. You will either be staging a run on the enemy’s flag or defending your own flag at all times; do not get caught in the middle of the map, Deadman’s Dell, fighting other players, even though this avenue might seem the quickest. Your spawn point is in the southwest corner, so take the western ledge to reach the enemy’s flag quickest. Always keep an eye out on what’s going on around your flag and try to spot the enemy’s position on the opposite ledges to alert
your team of incoming attacks.

Destruction Strategy

This is a classic battle of Capture the Flag. You need to grab the enemy’s flag and bring it back to your number-one rule: Work simply weaken the group’s enemy’s flag or defending of the map, Deadman’s seem the quickest. Your ledge to reach the enemy’s around your flag and your team of incoming RvR.

RvR Tip: Keep your distance from the front of the battle unless you are pure melee.

Fixxer’s Tip: Using the side paths could be the key to victory.

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