Type: Capture the Flag

Size: 12 Vs 12

Time Limit: 15 minutes

Victory Conditions: 500 points



Reikland Factory features both indoor and outdoor terrain with a heavy industrial influence… well, as industrial as the Empire can get. The middle of the zone has a large building called the Steam Tank Plant which has several entry points: from ground level, above, and below. The various ways into the Steam Tank Plant and the various levels upon which you can fight while inside the building ensure fast and varied game play! There are also three outside capture locations in this Scenario: The Warehouse, The Landing, and the Machine Shop. These locations are relatively open and easy to assault.


Order & Destruction Strategies


The strategy for both faction here are the same. The easiest way to control the scenario map is to rush to the two battle objectives at the north, the Machine Shop and the Warehouse. Those two are the easiest to control since they are in a straight line and you can move between them fast. The fist battle objective ( The Landing) is an objective you can control later once a player dies, he/she can capture it since its the closet to the WC.  

Alternatively you can secure The Landing first while sending 1-2 to the far back battle objectives.  The Steam tank plant objective is the hardest to control since it is inside the building and sight and movement is restricted. Been the middle battle objective does NOT give you more points, therefore controlling the 3 outer battle objective seems to be more effective. If you have the opportunity to capture the stream tank plant objective of course you should. There are many paths you can use to move around and flank or surprise your enemies.

Higher ground positioning could give you an advantage if you have a lot of ranged classes.

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