“The darkest, most sinister and brutal of all the Asur. The Archers are masters of ambush and guerrilla warfare. They strike swiftly and noiselessly with deadly accurate volleys from their longbows, before charging forth to slay any survivors with a flurry of blades.”

Class Information


Archetype: Ranged DPS / Support

Class Details: A flexible offensive attacker at any range, Archers are skilled at both bow and blade. They pick strategies to best suit the battlefield, and can easily shift from being deadly long-range attacker to a highly mobile medium-range skirmisher. In hand to hand combat, Shadow Warriors are also lethal and can dispose of enemies swiftly with their blades.

The oldest class in Asure, the Archer came to be while the Asur were warring with one another and with outside invaders at the beginnings of time. They strike from the shadows using bows and daggers to inflict killing blows before they are ever seen. Archers use a hit-and-run technique, flanking their enemies and killing them quickly, often without ever being detected. Though Archers lack the civility that other classes of the Asur boast, they do contain a certain measure of grace that few other Asur can attain.

The Archer is another ranged damage for the Asure. He is also capable of striking from the shadows quickly and quietly without remorse.

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​Hard Specializations

Shadow Warrior


 Shadow Warrior is a hybrid ranged DPS more focused on physical ranged abilities. They equip a single one-handed sword and a bow.

  Path of Assault

Lothern Seaguard is an offensive support with a couple of defensive support options at the cost of damage. They equip one handed spear, shield, and bow.

Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker is a hybrid ranged DPS more focused on melee abilities. They have access to stealth but no mobility. They dual wield swords and a bow.

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