Apprentice of Hoeth wield the greatswords of Hoeth, elegant blades often six to seven feet long from pommel to tip. Such is an apprentice of Hoeth skill with the blade that he can raise his sword, sever an enemy’s neck and return his sword to rest before a lesser warrior can even raise a shield to block him.”

Class Information

Archetype: Standard Tank / Defensive Support

Class Details: Fighters specializing in magical attacks, Apprentice of Hoeth string together short chains of attacks in a graceful Blade Dance. With each swing of their weapons  they step into a more balance fighting position allowing them to use more powerful attacks and increase their balance even further. With magical enchantments to bolster the strength of their attacks, apprentices of Hoeth are deadly front-line warriors. 

The apprentice of Hoeth is a juggernaut of skill and prowess. From birth, apprentices of Hoeth are trained to be one with their swords. They use sword and shield styles of fighting to overcome their enemies with sheer skill. Apprentices of Hoeth are the absolute best swordsmen in the world, as they train for centuries to become one with the blade. They combine dance with martial arts to make a deadly marriage of art and death.

sword master 5

Hard Specialisations


Commanders are standard tanks that have above average offensive potential. They equip swords and shields.


Swordmasters are magical melee DPS with a handful of basic ranged spells. They equip two-handed swords.


Loremasters are mid-ranged defensive supports. They equip staves.

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