“The heart of Saphery is the Tower of Hoeth, the shrine of the God of Wisdom. This is the greatest repository of magical knowledge in the world. The most powerful of these scholars are known as Archmages, and are capable of manipulating all the winds of magic weaving powerful sorceries known only as High Magic.”

Class Information

Archetype: Healer / Offensive Support

Class Details: Long-range healers, the Archmages are master of High Magic. Through careful and balanced use of the Winds of Magic, Archmages can use the power generated by their offensive spells as a fuel for their healing abilities. By weaving back and forth between damaging spells and healing magic they reduce and sometimes even negate the cost of beneficial spells, allowing them to remain efficient for long periods of time. 

From the oldest times recorded, Asur have harnessed powerful innate magic. Using their inborn abilities, Archmage characters bend and mold magical energies to form powerful attacks. Though other races use magic, few can harness the pure energy with the same degree of power and precision as the Archmage. Before battle, the Archmage harnesses a massive amount of energy at once so that he can unleash it much faster than any other caster in the game.

The Archmage is the caster and healer of the Asur. Though he is primarily a Healer for the Asur, he can also fulfill the role of Offensive Support for smaller groups.

Artchamge final

Hard Specialisations

Adept of Ghyran

Adept of Ghyran is a ranged healer with a slight focus on Lore of Life spells. They equip staves.

Adept of Azur

Adept of Azur is a ranged offensive support with a slight focus on Lore of Heavens spells. They equip staves.

Adept of Hysh

Adept of Hysh is a ranged healer with a slight focus on Lore of Light spells. They equip staves.

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