“A name taken for their fierceness and courage in battle, and the pelts earned by slaying a great White Lion in single combat. Deeply attuned to the natural world the Chracian hunter do not kill the white lions out of hand, and the greatest of their order have been known to raise a cub into a powerful War Lion trained to savage their foes on the field of battle.”

Class Information


Archetype:  DPS / Non Standard Tank

Class Details: An offensive melee attacker, White Lions fight side-by-side with a lion companion that they have captured and tamed. Whether distracting the enemy while the lion mails them, or disposing of them directly with their mighty great axes the White Lions can take down enemies in nearly any situation. 

Originating in the northern clans of the Asur, the White Lion is a hardy fighter who uses defensive and offensive power to bring enemies to their knees. The White Lions live up to their name, fighting with the ferocity of lions, while retaining the grace of the hunter. At the end of martial training, prospective White Lion candidates are sent into the wilds to find and slay an actual white lion. When they do so, the pelt of that lion is skinned and used as the main decoration for the White Lion. If the prospective White Lion fails, he is killed, most often by the lion.

The White Lion class of the Asur is the tank of the Asur, making him the one to take the majority of damage in battle. With his survival techniques and strong fortitude, the White Lion is capable of holding his own against any foe.

white lion 6

Hard Specialisations


Hunters are burst melee DPS heavily lacking sustained output. They equip two-handed axes and an offensive pet.


Guardsman are non-standard tanks whose effectiveness is tied to the pet. They equip two-handed axes and an defensive pet.


Axeman are dot-based melee DPS. They equip two-handed axes and no pet

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