“Now runes on the other hand, that’s a whole different story. Runes have an old power. Their carving is a ritual so refined that the results are as expected as rocks rolling down hill. The keepers of this art are the Rune priests, adepts and sages who spend their lives learning the language of runes. With their craft they can create effects of stunning power, accosting their foes with the power of the earth itself. They can also harden their allies against the most damaging of attacks, and heal their wounds.”

Class Statistics

Difficulty 50%
Versatility 65%
Mobility 85%

Class Information

Archetype: Healer

Special Mechanic: Rune Crafting

Class Details: Rune priests are a ranged support career specializing in Runic Magic and crafted Rune stones. A single Rune stone can be given to each group member and each Rune stone has a different positive effect on the bearer. Using a blend of both mending and destruction Runes, the Rune priests have both powerful offensive magic and strong defenses.

As a Rune priest your main role will be to heal your allies and of course stay alive. The Rune priest is the best all around healer in the Order side. He can heal well in single target and AOE heal. He does lack a bit of mobility. You will be the main focus of many enemies. using youre de-taunt to reduce incoming damage is essential as well as positioning. Preparation is critical to your success as a Runepriest, as is developing a keen sense of timing and coordination.

You can use your runes to protect your friends and enhance their powers (even placing some of the runes effects under the subjects control), but their strength wanes quickly upon use and you must be ready to reinforce them as needed. Advance preparation makes it easier for you to split your attention between supporting your friends, and assaulting your foes. This division of duty is absolutely necessary in battle.

Focusing purely on offense will leave your group mates without support after a short time. Conversely, playing purely a support role will rob your group of a rune-enhanced warrior of significant power.

Career Masteries

Dwarf runes bind and hold magic, solidifying and stabilizing the power through the knowledge and craftsmanship practiced by Rune Priests through the centuries. A skilled Rune Priest can tap into this rune-etched power to call forth all manner of spectacular effects, from restoring life to his allies to calling down wrath and doom upon his foes. Dwarf runes are repositories of raw power, harnessed to a specific purpose by generations of skilled and focused runecarvers. A Rune Priest is adept at not only invoking these runic powers, but also at engraving runes on his allies equipment, granting them abilities far beyond their normal grasp. A true master Rune Priest can even call forth the power of mighty Master Runes, carving them into the very earth itself as an anchor for their tremendous energies.

Path of Grungni

A master of this path focuses on powerful and direct effects, learning to both restore his allies and smite his enemies with equal skill. The path of Grungni is for those who prefer to focus on a single target at a time, be they friend or foe, and unleash powerful effects upon them.

Path of Valaya

An arguably more subtle mastery, the path of Valaya is focused on effects which continue to linger after theyve been invoked. A master of this path prefers to stick to tested, tried, and true slow-and-steady abilities, whether hes building up his allies strength until they become unstoppable, or whether hes grinding his enemies down with inevitable and unescapable doom.

Path of Grimnir

This path is concerned with runes which affect large, sweeping areas as they unleash their innate power. A specialist in this path is an expert at changing the ebb and tide of combat by either bolstering his allies entire front line, or by sending vast swaths of crushing power across the enemy masses.

Important Stats


As a Rune Priest you will need the following statistics which you can improve using armor sets, weapons, rings, talismans and renown points. 

Healing Critical: Increase your chance to do Critical heals.

Wounds: Increases your overall HP. You can never have enough HP.

Will Power:  Increases your healing Power and increases the chance to disrupt enemy spells.

Armour: Reduces the physical damage you receive from physical damage.

Acquiring Gear

There are many ways to get gear:

  1. Open RvR:  The gear and weapons you get here are for your main spec.
  2. During RvR: when you kill or lock a zone you will be given medallions according to your level which you can trade for armor and weapons. At the end of a zone if you roll high enough you will be give a color bag with may contain certain tokens that you can trade and get a jewel set. Engineers don’t have defensive jewels set like other classes. 
  3. Scenarios: The gear and weapons you get here are some of the best weapons in game. You gain emblems at the end of every scenario and then you trade the emblems in the vendors in altdorf or inevitable city for your gear and weapons.
  4. Tome Unlocks: The tome is the book on your menu bar. In there you can do some like achievements i.e kill 100 orcs and get an unlock or get 3 items from a creature and then you trade that for a token in the library in altdorf or inevitable city and then that token in a jewel. There are some nice sets to see. Have a look in the useful links section.
  5.  Tier 4 epic quests: There is one epic quest story line in every area, and once you complete them you are given a choice of 1 item.
  6.  Dungeons & Lairs: Some Dungeons and Lairs can provide some good gear, weapons and jewels as you level up and or for end game. Changes in locations and ways to get end tier gear are happening constantly. Try and keep and eye on game forums.


Changes in ROR

  • Concussive Runes now instead is a 25% chance to remove 225 Morale from an enemy hit by any Path of Grimnir ability.
  • Rune of Battle cooldown decreased to 30s (from 1 minute) and ability is unaffected by cooldown reduction abilities.
  • Rune of Nullification duration increased to 10s from 5s .
  • Rune of Fate cooldown reduced to 20s from 30s.
  • Efficient Runecarving tactic given a +10% Disrupt Strikethrough.
  • Rune of Mending can be cast on the move.
  • Resurrection Illness now applies a 25% stat debuff, down from 50%, still excluding wounds.

Changes in ROR are happening constantly and its hard to keep up with them all. Stay updated by following the news and patch notes: 



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