Whilst in The Garden of Qu’aph you may challenge players or groups of your allied or enemy realm to duels. Once the person or group you have challenged accepts the duel you will be permitted to enter the arena and the battle will begin 30 seconds after all participents have entered the arena.

You may duel a player by right clicking on a friendly players unit frame or you may use the /duel command whilst targeting them.

Dueling commands you may use:

/duel – Challenges the target to a duel (same as /duelchallenge)
/duelaccept – Accept a duel challenge
/dueldecline – Decline a duel challenge
/duelcancel – Cancel an outgoing challenge
/duelsurrender – Surrender an existing duel

When wanting to initiate a group vs group duel you must be the leader of the group and challenge the leader of the other group to a duel.

– Region (/1) and Region RvR (/2) channels in The Garden of Qu’aph will be cross-realm when on the upper-deck of the arena.
– /say and /shout chat channels will be cross-realm whilst on the upper-deck of the arena.

Combat is not permitted in The Garden of Qu’aph unless it is with a player you are currently dueling. You should not be able to attack any other player whilst in the arena. In the upper-deck if you engage in combat then the Qu’aph Protectors will deal with you. You are however permitted to practice combat with the training dummys. You will not be permitted to enter the arena unless you have challenged someone to a duel. Leaving the area whilst a duel is in progress will be the equivalent of you surrendering.

The upper-deck provides a excellent view of ongoing duels.

You may travel to The Garden of Qu’aph from the flight master for the cost of 1 gold piece (under “Land of the Dead”). Additionally Qu’aph has ordered his servants to travel to Altdorf and The Inevitable City and provide a portal for players to access The Garden of Qu’aph.

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