The greatest nation of men in the Old World, the Empire is composed of the human descendants of Sigmar, who united the tribes of men at the Battle of Black Fire Pass. Sigmar was deified after the battle and his promise of eternal aid to the kingdom of Dwarfs still stands today. This action solidified the relationship between men and Dwarfs and planted the seeds for the burgeoning Empire through trade.

Today, the Empire is led by Emperor Karl Franz, who rules from his seat in the city-state of Altdorf. The life of a citizen of the Empire is a perilous one, for there are foes within every shadow and enemies around every corner. Secret cults abound, or at the very least, there are rumors of them running rampant. No one is certain who is trustworthy, and fear and paranoia are omnipresent in the isolated settlements that dot the Empires provinces.

As the Empire rots from within, it is constantly under assault from without. Chaos Marauders from the north frequently mount massive campaigns into the Empire, pillaging and destroying all that they can. In the Age of Reckoning, such a war host has attacked the Empires northern borders under the leadership of a powerful Champion. The timing of the invasion is particularly ill-fortuned, for the Empire is being ravaged by a mysterious plague that is transforming the populace into murderous fiends. Faced with such desperate circumstances, Emperor Karl Franz has been forced to call upon the Dwarfs and High Elves for aid, lest his lands be transformed forever into a nightmarish domain of Chaos.



“The hammer is not the answer to every military problem, For even the mightiest of hammer will miss its mark if the opponent is wise enough not to wait around to be crushed”



“Where is your faith on this dark day ? Chaos is riding against you, Will you let those bests destroy your home or will you trust in Sigmar and Fight? “



“There is a fire within you! Deep in your mind threre is a glowing ember which we will fan to life and build a blazing beacon.”



“Who among you can say that hanging half a village is too high a price tp pay for the assurance that corruption has been exposed and destroyed this day?”

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