With Talisman Making you can create Talismans that you can place into your gear to increase a certain attribute/stat of your gear, depending on which type of Talisman you put in and thus making your character stronger.If you make a Talisman of Ballistics, it will increase your Ballistic stat and make your ranged attacks stronger. Some Talismans can expire in a certain period of time, or when you log out, others are permanent. The timed talismans are usually through some events or dungeon. Most crafted ones are permanent.  As your Talisman Making skill gets higher in level you can make permanent talismans. Please not that you can not remove talismans from your gear only replace or remove, so when placing one make sure you want it there.

Talisman Making Window.

In order to create a Talisman you will need a Container and a Fragment. Container’s can be purchased from vendors or Scavenged and Fragments can be Scavenged or purchased from vendors or Salvaged from Magical Salvaging. 

The slot in the upper left hand corner is where you put the container to being the Talisman Making Process. You can buy basic Containers from Vendors. Better containers can be found in  Public quests or from the gathering skill, Scavenging.

Once you put the container in you will need to add a fragment, which goes into the red slot. Then you can add a Curio, Essence and Gold Dust if you want to. The other 3 aren’t required to make a Talisman, but they will improve the effect of the Talisman. Also after you put the fragment into the Talisman Making window the Talisman-meter, will appear in the upper right. The Talisman-meter will tell you the potency of your Talisman.


 Containers have the  following levels  1, 50, 100, 150 and 200.  To start with this profession / trade skill you can buy your first materials from the vendor, all others must be scavenged or acquired from the Public quest loot bags. 

Level 1: Apprentice’s Relic Box
Level 50: Journeyman’s Relic Box
Level 100: Craftsman Relic Box
Level 150: Artisan’s Relic Box
Level 200: Master Artificer’s Reliquary

 You can also buy Talisman Making containers from the guild quartermaster, if your guild is high enough rank.

List of containers you can find in the guild quartermaster.

Level 50: Fabricated Journeyman’s Relic Box
Level 100: Fabricated Craftman’s Relic Box
Level 150: Fabricated Artisan’s Relic Box


Fragments are the main Ingredient used in Talisman Making other than containers. They are the only Ingredient other than containers that are required to make a Talisman. The other thing about fragments that you need to know is that they determine whether or not the Talisman will be permanent or not. If you have a Blue or Purple Fragment, you will make a permanent Talisman.

Fragments come in all different shapes and sizes, knowing what you have is also important. Certain fragments give you Wounds Talismans, other ones give you Strength Talismans. Each Fragment has different names based on Rarity, level and type. The text color corresponds to the in-game color for rarity. Green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic and black is common. 


Curios increase the potency of the Talisman and are the most common material you get from Scavenging. There are 37 different types of Curios, one for each rarity, for each bracket. This means there is a white-epic curio for every skill level 1-200.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust is another semi common material that you can find while Scavenging. You can also get Gold Dust from Magical Salvaging. The main difference between getting dust when Scavenging, and Salvaging is when you Scavenge, you will always get green dust. When you’re Salvaging you can get ether white dust, or green dust. There is no blue or epic dust.


Essences are the final ingredient used in Talisman Making. They can only be acquired via Magical Salvaging; rank 1 can be bought from the vendor. Essences only come in the “Blue” color, this means there is no Epic, Common or Uncommon essences. Essences will help you increase the power of the Talisman, they have no effect on whether or not it will be permanent or not.


The quality of a talisman is based on the combined power of the components and the rarity of a fragment. A critical success (“You made something better!”) increases the combined power of the components level by 6. A super-critical success (“You made something awesome!”), also called a special moment, results in the talisman being one rarity better; for example, a blue would become a purple. For a purple fragment, a special moment does not consume the fragment after creating the talisman, and the fragment can be used for making another talisman.

For example, a talisman made with a skill 200 container, 200 purple fragment, and 200 curio, 200 dust, and 200 essence (1+18+3×9=46 power) would produce a +23 purple talisman requiring rank 32 to use. A critical success would create a purple +24 talisman. A super-critical success would create a purple +23 talisman, but the purple fragment would not be consumed.

Power of Talisman Making Components

Kill Container Fragment Dust Curio Essence
1 1 2 1 1 1
25 1 4 2 2 2
50 1 6 3 3 3
75 1 8 4 4 4
100 1 10 5 5 5
125 1 12 6 6 6
150 1 14 7 7 7
175 1 16 8 8 8
200 1 18 9 9 9

Power Required to Produce a Talisman

Tier Power Required level Prefix White Green Blue Purple
1 1-8 1 Feeble 3 7 11 15
2 9-13 4 Weak 4 8 12 16
3 14-18 8 Inferior 5 9 13 17
4 19-23 12 Lesser 6 10 14 18
5 24-28 16 Minor 7 11 15 19
6 29-33 20 8 12 16 20
7 34-38 24 Major 9 13 17 21
8 39-44 28 Greater 10 14 18 22
9 45-46 32 Superior 11 15 19 23
10 51 36 Potent 12 16 20 24

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