Cultivating is one of the 4 Gathering Trade skills in Warhammer Online. It will allow players to use Seeds or Spores to grow Weeds or Fungi. Both Weeds and Fungi are commonly used in the Apothecary Trade skill. When you first start out with Cultivating you will have two plant plots available to you, the third one becomes available at level 50 and the fourth at level 75.

This is your Cultivation Window.

Take a look at the 4 plots that are all separated by lines. You can see how much time is left on these plants by looking at the number in the middle of the picture of the plant. Also you can tell if there is Water, Nutrient’s and Soil by looking at the pictures. You can also see what stage the process is on by looking at which one of the 3 ingredients has a green ring around it. In the picture you can see the ring around the + sign, which is the final process, Nutrients.

In RoR you don’t need any ingredients to successfully grow any plant. No soil, No water, No Nutrient.

Leveling up the spore is easy, just keep at it and they will eventually level up. Some take longer than others.  it doesn’t matter what spore you will pick for leveling the trade skill. 

All seeds and spores will have to be leveled up to 200 one by one if you want to have your own stock and ability to craft all that you with this trade skill. 

All seeds are available from an NPC vendor in the capital cities.

To create more seeds and spores break down the corresponding ingredient i.e flower or fungi. 

Must-Have Addons for Cultivation

There one must-have Addon as a cultivator: Miracle Grow Remix.

This Addon will not only make your life easier, they’ll make you love Cultivating since it will become so very, very easy.

Stocking up on Seeds

Hands down the easiest way to get the full stock of your sixteen basic seeds is to just buy them from the guy that just trained you.  They sell for between 1-2 silver a piece.  Usually buying 3-4 of each is more than enough as you’ll make more during the cultivation process.

Alternately, you can buy them from other Tier 1 Merchants.  Same price, same idea.

If you really don’t want to buy the seeds, you may be in the wrong profession.  hehe.  However, there is one route left to you.  In each Tier there is a wandering quest-giver that will give you a repeatable quest for one type of seed.  You won’t get your full spectrum of seeds this way, but it’s free and you can level this way and then beg/buy the level 200s you want later.

You can also buy level 200 seeds from the auction house – just to stock up. You will still have to get one seed to 200 in order to level up cultivation!

Healing PotionsIntelligence PotionsThorn Potions
SpumepetalSmedleycapGriffon Claw
IchorUnicorn HornDaemon Creeper
Wyvern BloodFirewyrm Liver
Restoration Potions​Willpower Potions​Napalm Potions
Animal HumorGrumpleafAshberry
Elvish ParsleyCat Sinew
Wolf BloodCanine Tooth​
Invigoration PotionsStrength PotionsMolotov Potions
Manticore FangBeardweedLizard Tongue
Rhinox HornBear ToothPyre Ivy
DandedragonFeline Tooth
Ballistic Skill PotionsResistance Potions​Accuracy Concoctions
Thief's NettleCorporeal Resistance PotionsForce Shield Potions
Daemonic EyeCockatrice FeatherPegasus Wing
GravelnutsBat Wing
​Toughness PotionsElemental Resistance PotionsGlue Bomb Potions
Arachnid VenomDaemon FleshRat Spittle
Armor PotionsSpirit Resistance PotionsSnaring Concoctions
ScaleSpiderfrondOgre Spit
Chitin ShardFlame Breath Potions
Argost Creep

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