Since live, Apothecary has been the only profession I have bothered to do, and as a PvP focused player, cultivating was my go to gathering since it could be done on the move, and generally was easy (albeit frustrating) to get all ranks of seeds. On RoR, however, some useful potions can only be crafted using ingredients obtained from Butchering. The issue I ran into was finding locations for the mobs that dropped these ingredients, as well as knowing which mobs dropped them in the first place. I couldn’t find a really good list anywhere on the wiki, or even on google from the days of live, so I decided that I would put this guide together for anyone who is running into troubles finding the appropriate mobs to farm and butcher.

Understand that as more content becomes implemented, these locations may become outdated, change, or otherwise become obsolete compared to newer ones. I do not claim that all the locations are absolute for farming some mobs/ingredients and/or leveling Butchering/Apothecary, and perhaps you all may know of one better. I did my best to perform an in-depth search of every map available at this time (both Order and Destruction sides), provided what I could find, and presented the location with the highest quantity and density. There are some mobs that only have a single spawn in a single location, and as such, it is easy to miss them. Also, some mobs that are hostile to Destruction, may not be to Order (many Griffons/Eagles) and vice versa. All of these locations should be accessible to Destruction as well, aside from PQ related mobs/locations. Finally, coordinates are a general location, and the mobs you seek are in the vicinity as opposed to that exact (x,y).

Butchering is the alternative to cultivating for an apothecary.

Butchering and Cultivating Exclusives

-Armor Potions
-Toughness Potions
-Elemental Resistance Potions
-Absorb Potions

-Spirit Resist Potions
-Intelligence Potions

Pros to Butchering
-Besides the ingredients, you will have Gold flowing out of your alimentary canal
-Any class can do it, but AoE classes can sometimes farm ingredients faster than cultivators
-Armor potions are sought after and used by almost every class
-All zoic gores (Stabilizers) have a natural +1 multiplier
-You can farm an ingredient of any rank without having to hope RNG will give you a better seed
-No distractions while RvR’ing
-You get to see a lot of the Warhammer world

Cons to Butchering
-Not as convenient as cultivating
-Depending on ingredient, might be slower than cultivating
-No extenders built in
-A bit slower to level up apothecary with it

A few basics to keep in mind for both Butchering and Apothecary. I found some explanations really confusing, so I’m going to break this down how I understand it…

-R1~4 mobs drop Skill Apothecary 1 materials
-R5~9 mobs drop Skill Apothecary 25 materials
-R10~14 mobs drop Skill Apothecary 50 materials
-R15~19 mobs drop Skill Apothecary 75 materials
-R20~24 mobs drop Skill Apothecary 100 materials
-R25~29 mobs drop Skill Apothecary 125 materials
-R30~34 mobs drop Skill Apothecary 150 materials
-R35~39 mobs drop Skill Apothecary 175 materials
-R40+ mobs drops Skill Apothecary 200 materials

-Skill Apothecary 1 materials produce Rank 5 Potions
-Skill Apothecary 25 materials produce Rank 10 Potions
-Skill Apothecary 50 materials produce Rank 15 Potions
-Skill Apothecary 75 materials produce Rank 20 Potions
-Skill Apothecary 100 materials produce Rank 25 Potions
-Skill Apothecary 125 materials produce Rank 30 Potions
-Skill Apothecary 150 materials produce Rank 32 Potions
-Skill Apothecary 175 materials produce Rank 35 Potions
-Skill Apothecary 200 materials produce Rank 38 Potions

In order to produce a functional potion, you must add stabilizers that exceed the negative stability of the main ingredient. The exception to this is Skill 200 materials, in which case you must use two Skill 200 Stabilizers, and a +2 Stability Container

Please note, there are many different ways to level apothecary. The list I’m about to give will have two categories for most ranks: Fastest and alternative. Fastest includes mobs that drop only main ingredients, and assumes that you have unlimited access to stabilizers (preferably resins); either from a friend, your own cultivator, or you can buy them from the auction house (you will have more than enough gold from butchering to buy resins).

Again, these are not absolute, but I was able to level my apothecary to 200 within 3 hours, and I did not have a guide or location list to aid me. Generally, you’ll want to collect on average, about 50 of any main ingredient to rank up to the next tier.

Rank 1~25
-Fastest: Nordland (18.4k, 21.4k)- The Burning Windmill PQ (Stage 1) – kill horrors/flamers.
-Alternative: Nordland (25.1k, 24.1k) – kill Wolves

Rank 26~50
-Fastest: Nordland (38.9k, 25.4k)- Faewulf’s Rest PQ (Stage 1) – kill horrors/flamers.
-Alternative: Nordland (36.4k, 20.7k) – kill Wolves

Rank 51~75
-Fastest: Troll Country (32k, 53k) – kill Spiders and LIzards
-Alternative: Barak Varr (18.1k, 54.1k) – kill Wolves and Boars

Rank 76~100
-Fastest: Marshes of Madness (48k, 42.7k) – kill Bats and Wolves – mobs are incredibly dense, no need for an alternative

Rank 101~125
-Fastest: The Badlands (7.2k, 22.5k) – kill Hounds
-Alternative: Avelorn (59.7k, 12.2k) – kill Bears

Rank 126~150
-Fastest: Saphery (59.5k, 28.6k) – kill Cockatrice
-Alternative: Saphery (59.2k, 35.6k) – kill Bears

Rank 151~175
-Fastest: Eataine (26.6k, 25k) – kill Wolves/Mountain Lions – Afraid I don’t really have a main ingredient-only mob for this this rank

Rank 176~200
-Fastest: Thunder Mountain (41.1k, 6.9k) – kill Spiders – I highly recommend this. They are right outside the warcamp and drop only main ingredients
-Alternative: Black Crag (45.7k, 58.5k) – kill Squigs – It’s a bit of a travel, but not only do they drop a main ingredient and zoic gores, but as a bonus they all drop the best multiplier you can get from Butchering

The section everyone has been waiting for, without further ado. . .

Mob Locations

The spreadsheet is organized by creature type. Notes on the side should be considered, as it may be important to the location/mob.

The areas that are highlighted in red are areas that are on Destruction’s side of the map, and the areas that are highlighted in blue are areas that are on Order’s side of the map. This does not mean they can’t be accessed. These locations are on the spreadsheet either because

a) They are the only location the mob can be found


b) It offers the highest density for the mob in question

As I have stated, these locations are not the only places you can find the mob. I have explored every available map, and these are the locations I chose based on their density and relative ease of access.

I had a ton of fun putting this together. It took many hours to explore the entire (available) Reckoning world, but it was well worth it. I found maps and locations I didn’t even know existed up until now. I truly hope this was helpful to some players (both Destruction and Order) who needed to find a specific mob to butcher. At the time of writing this, I know I saw several threads about mob locations, such as R40+ Bats which only have two locations, and one of those locations has a single bat.

Anything in this guide is fair game for Devs to use either for wiki or whatever else. If anyone finds any errors, or knows of mob locations that were left blank, please let me know (i.e. mobs that can only be found in later stages of PQs). With that in mind though, please don’t tell me mobs such as Griffons or Eagles, which other than the ones listed, are not able to be killed by Order players.

Guide by CeeJay89

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