Location: Death Pick | Ranks: 36-40 
Type: 6-Player, Open PVE/PVP | Key Loot: Beastlord Gear

Quest Information

Order Quest Giver: Bergul Redhammer | Thunder Mountain | Chapter:  19

Destruction Quest Giver: Boldug| Thunder Mountain | Chapter:  19

Boss Location: Death Pick | Bristle Cavern

Gear Vendor: Ellyrion Herdmaster (near the mount vendor)

Destruction Gear Vendor: Druchii Beastmaster – Inevitable City (near mount vendors)

General Set Up

If you want to be efficient and fast on this line of quests, then make sure that your main tank has a 0% chance to be criticaly hit. Try and get a healer with an AOE cleanse in your group to make things easier. An off tank is always needed as in most PVE aspects. In theses bosses mainly for guarding the main tank and split damage but also fro teh occesionaal mob spawning.

Main tanks should ALWAYS  hae slotted the menace tactic to keep aggro at max at all times.


Tank him against the wall on the platform he is on. The healers in the room with you when he says the word meats you need to knock him down and dps him hard break all cooldowns. The knockdown is needed to stop him from healing. His healing is no joke. he heals super fast, so try not to miss the knockdown. In addition a healing debuf  would help reduce this healing incase you fail to apply the knockdown… this boss hits really hard and has a massive aoe attack. So healers dont get stressed if a dps dying just ress fast and move on. make sure the tank is OK as always. Snizzrt will yell smash and AOE slam the ground causing huge damage to those around him… If you are new to this boss you might have to do it once or twice until you get the hang of it.

NOTE: If you go a boss and the boss is down, don’t worry. Simply target the boss and check for a buff below his healthbar. The respawn timer is the time on this buff.

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