I am sure it is hard to find information to what you are looking for when it comes to Return of Reckoning – The private server, I know i have a hard time. The original game Age of Reckoning was shut down so long a go that everything is so out of date and you always wondering is this still valid?

There are several places you can have a look to find information about Return of Reckoning. I will attempt in this article to cover the once I know and try and save you some time and hopefully some aggravation and frustration of reading the same out of date things over and over.

                                           Return of Reckoning Website

The first place to look for some up to date information and the best for some matter is is the obvious the official  Return of Reckoning website.

Here you will find a lot of super useful information such as:

  • The patch notes are the most important to check in a weekly bases so you know about good and bad changes made to the classes you play.
  • Career Builder where you can play with your builds and abilities as well as your renown. Remember skills changes maybe free but renown changes cost around 6 gold every time at max level. So do it here first.
  • Armory. Useful if you want to check what that person that killed you was wearing.
  • The right side with website the Recent topics.. I would not tell anyone to go read all the forum post daily but that recent one can find some juice stuff while having a cup of coffee. Also please be careful in any type of forums since you don’t know how long some one has been playing or what he or she known about the topic and you might end up been misinformed.  I suggest read multiple sources before believing something.
  • In the forum section it self :
  1. Technical support
  2. Addons
  • Of course the bug tracker to see or report any bugs you find to help the server out or to be informed about what’s not working and try to avoid it.

                                           Return of Reckoning Wiki

An excellent place for information. Admittedly not 100% up to date since its a lot of work to be done and a lot give up after a while but still you can find an learn a lot there.


For a variety of addons more than you can find in the forums check out Idrinth website. Some are updates some are not but as far as i know all work. Alot of those have updates either on Idrinth’s website or the Return of Reckoning


On my own website that I have trying to bet a lot of information to one place so people will not have to run around online to find everything. The information in my website is from a lot of places all over plus what I have created as well. Some categories include:

  • Class information
  • Class Builds
  • RvR mechanics
  • Scenario Tactics
  • Lair Tactics
  • Dungeon information
  • Ready to use pre-configured UI with addons

Still a long way to go but I am working actively in getting it all done as we go along.


Reddit is a great place for many thing including asking questions, checking opinions and more. Definitely a place to keep on your bookmarks and check frequently to keep an eye on thing. It is pretty active with variety of topics from the community. In my opinion is also more civil than the official forums sometimes.


Yes Twitch. Twitch is great source of information. Streamers usually have been playing a long time and provide a lot of information to their knowledge and levels. Even if the are not there are good chances that someone on the stream will know and reply to you.

Also “trolling” is a lot less in streams as the streamers don’t want that and its to a good degree pushed out of the streams. In addition alto of times streamers have “inside” information about events and more. Also don’t forget that a lot of games including  Return of Reckoning do Twitch “Drop” events and the rewards can really help a new player or give some sweet items to older players.


Read the rules.. because you need to do some thing to start chatting like ask to be added!

Discord communities are very useful and helpful. I would recommend you use them as well. If you favorite streamer not on, and the forums & redddit seem slow try discord.

Either a community like FixxerTV ; a streamer’s community or even better the official  Return of Reckoning discord at: ROR-Discord

                                                               Social Media

Finally you can always follow Return of Reckoning on the social media and get updates and event information on you phone or computer.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/returnofreckoning

Twiter: https://twitter.com/WAR_RoR

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ReturnofReckoningWAR

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/returnofreckoning

                                                  Join us and lets grow together!

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