Interbellum is a PvP-centric MMORPG. This means NPC farming for materials needed to craft things for PvP is not a system we want to have in the game. In addition, we heard some concerns about inventory clutter during the Q&A when we brought up our item affix system and the fact that we are going to throw lots of gear at you. The vast majorty of our combat gear is going to be obtained via Crate of Goods (CoG), Superior Crate of Goods (SCoG), and Ranald Coins (RC).

Crate of Goods (green-quality) is a box similar to PQ loot bags. Whenever you might expect a piece of generic gear to drop or be earned through a quest, you will instead earn a CoG. CoGs will stack with themselves, which will keep your inventory from filling up while you are out PvPing. Inside a CoG, you will find 2x pieces of (green) combat gear which can be of any item slot, and of any set of item affixes. You will also find lower quality potions/talismans, crafting materials, gold (haven’t decided on this one yet), and other non-appearance related things. You will only be able to select 1 option each time you open a box.

Superior Crate of Goods (purple-quality) is a much rarer version of CoG. It’s availability will be more tightly controlled by design and will earnable through things like, zone locks, weekly quests, first clears of dungeons, etc. Inside a SCOG, you will find 3x pieces of (purple) combat gear which can be of any item slot but have a more controlled selection of affixes. You can also find high quality potions/talismans, crafting materials, etc.

Ranald Coins (blue-quality) are a type of currency earned similarly to CoGs but just a bit rarer. These will be turned into a vendor inside your capital city. You can purchase medium quality potions/talismans as well as crafting materals. More importantly, you can purchase Ranald Chance Box of [insert item slot]. Each of these boxes have 2x pieces of (blue) combat gear in them rolled random affixes, but it will be of the item slot you bought.

There is no power difference between green, blue, and purple gear. A piece of green gear could be as good or better than purple, it simply has a much lower chance to be. These color distinctions on gear are still used by the salvaging profession to determine fragment potency and color.

CoGs function as your generic loot and will quite plentiful throughout your play. SCoGs function as a higher end reward that still benefits combat and will generally be more sought after. RCs are rarer drops but still plentiful and they function as a way primarily to target gear slots you really want to improve. Also the fact that you have options in each box will allow you to better control the stats you desire and minimize the RNG to a degree.

This entire system only gives out combat oriented items and gear. Appearance items such as dyes and different looking gear are earned through their own ways.

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