Pretty much every mention of morales is replaced with adrenaline. As we are changing the primary way these abilities are obtained in combat, we wanted a name that was more appropriate and less ambiguous.

Adrenaline skills will still have 4 slots. Slot 1 costs 360, slot 2 costs 720, slot 3 costs 1800, and slot 4 costs 3600 adrenaline to cast. No particular change there. What is changing?

  1. Adrenaline skills have no cooldown. The amount of adrenaline you generate is your cooldown for these abilities essentially.
  2. Adrenaline skills can be dodged/blocked in addition nearly all damage morales (which are rarer) have mitigatable damage. Adrenaline skills are quite powerful abilities, but this power will not come from being undefendable true damage.
  3. Adrenaline skills only consume the amount of Adrenaline they cost. So if you have 900 Adrenaline and use an A1, you will have 540 adrenaline.

Yes all of this means that lower adrenaline rank skills can be spammed if you have pooled up enough adrenaline. This means you can reasonably expect A3s and A4s to be signficantly more potent. Overall, we expect people to see the use of adrenaline skills more often, but they are still going to be 5% or less of your overall abilities used.

All sources of adrenaline increase/decrease will directly modify the adrenaline per second (AD/s) stat. This means you will find no effects that increase adrenaline by 100/225/etc. AD/s has a base value of +4. It has a minimum of -36 and a maximum of +36.

This means if you were able to keep the maximum of adrenaline per second it would take 10/20/50/100 seconds to reach the various adrenaline break points. This is rare and will take significant investment.

A large amount of the of your ability to generate adrenaline is going to exist in our “renown tactic” system. (This will be renamed as it has nothing to do with your renown) You will only have 2 slots and most of these tactics are conditional increases to adrenaline. Some “renown tactics” will not affect the adrenaline system and work as an opportunity cost against it.


Motivated: You gain 5 AD/s while in combat.
Strength in Numbers: Whenever you use a basic attack, all groupmates within 100 feet of you that also have this tactic will gain a stack of a 5 second buff with a maximum of 5 stacks. For the duration, gain 2 AD/s per stack.
Uncontrolled: Whenever Unstoppable, Inevitable, or Immovable is applied to you, you will gain 20 AD/s for 5 seconds.
Stay in Formation: Whenever you are attacked by an opponent that you have Cover from, you will gain 10 AD/s for 3 seconds.
Party Time!: Whenever you use any ability, you will gain 2 stacks od Revelry. Whenever you critically hit, you will lose all stacks of Revelry. Revelry: Lasts for 5 seconds and stacks up to 15. Gain 1 AD/s per stack.
Gotta Go Fast: You gain 1 stack of Revelry every second while moving. The duration of Revelry is reduced to 3 seconds.
Do you even lift, bro?: Your mass is increased by 1.
Verge of Victory: Whenever you land a killing blow, you will gain 20 AD/s for 8 seconds. Whenever a groupmate within 100 feet of you lands a killing blow, you will gain 5 AD/s for 8 seconds.
Loved By All: You always have immovable. Your mass is decreased by 2.
Masochist: Whenever you are hit by an enemy ability and your Guard is active, you gain 15 AD/s for 3 seconds.
Break Loose: Movement skills that you use will now remove Ensnared and Rooted effects from you.
Dissipation Expert: Whenever you use an ability that dispels afflictions, cripples, enchantments, or blessings; you will gain 15 AD/s for 3 seconds.

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