Scenario Type: Capture the flag
Size: 6 Vs 6
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Victory Conditions: 500


From the port at Barak Varr, Dwarf ironclads, full of blood-mad slayer privateers, set sail to seek battle and plunder upon the high seas of the old world. But Orc sea-hulks from the Black Gulf shipyards, their decks crammed with Choppas freebooters, have ambushed the Dwarfs in a bid to slaughter their hated foes. seize the Engine Room, Central Gangway and Upper deck to achieve victory amid a sea of blood!

Order and Destruction Strategies

The map is deceptive.  There are multiple levels inside the ship.  Order starts at the bottom in the cargo hold while Destruction starts on a boarding ship off the port bow.

Three Objectives to be captured. Close spaces and narrow corridors… I think you can figure out the strategy for this one!

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