“Using tools ranging from pipes to goads to bits of giblets, the Goblin drives his minions into a killing frenzy while fighting safely behind the lines. The Goblin‘s own ranged fire combines with the attacks of his minions, challenging any foe.”

Class Information


Archetype: Ranged DPS / Offensive Support / Non – Standard Tank


Class Details: Goblins aren’t exactly known for their fortitude or strength, so the clever Squig Herders use a pack of Squigs to do the hard work, while they stand back and safely pepper their enemies with arrows. Though they can keep only a single Squig under their control at any given time, the sheer arsenal of Squigs at their disposal make then valuable in nearly any situation.


As a Goblin you lead from the rear, turning your Squigs loose on the enemy and supporting them with commands, arrows and bait while safely out of harms way. The most critical elements of your strategy revolve around your choice of Squigs for your pack, and the abilities you use to support them. Your various breeds offer you tools for different situations, and you must mix and match them to meet your needs. Tactically speaking, your job is to kill the enemy while avoiding his counter-attacks – both you and your Squigs are deadly but fragile beasts.


Hard Specialisations

Squig Herders

Squig Herders are offensive supports with a variety of different squigs. They also summon additional uncontrolled basic squigs throughout the fight. They equip a single spear and summon pets.


Shootas are DPS that prefer to run away and be at range; but corner them in melee and prepare to get stabbed. They equip a spear and a bow.

Squig Riders

Squig Riders are non-standard highly mobile tanks that cannot always tank. They equip spears and shields, go into meatball form, have a pet when not in form.

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