“Their endless love of battle drives Da Boyz into a nearly euphoric state, especially when they come across an enemy who presents a real challenge and their battle rage becomes stronger and stronger with each vicious strike. Most of the D Boyz will even heedlessly push themselves off-balance, not caring about how vulnerable they become as long as they get a “Gud fight” out of it.”

Class Information

Archetype: Melee DPS / Ranged Fighter / Caster DPS

Class Details:

Da Boyz is an offensive juggernaut that rains increasingly punishing blows down upon their enemies as their battle frenzy consumes them more and more. However, while the Da Boyz is single-minded, they are also clever in their brutality, and they have found that they can channel their battle rage into massive, exhausting attacks, briefly sacrificing their enraged power in an attempt to fell the enemy with a single powerful blow. For those who choose the life of Da Boyz, the limited control of when to embrace their battle frenzy and when to exhaust it will be a constant back-and-forth as their battles rage on..


Hard Specialisations

Big Un’s

Big Un’s are melee dps focused on hittin’ as many o dem as dey can. They dual-wield swords.


Arrer Boyz

Arrer Boyz are hybrid-ranged fighters that hit ard at range when they dont miss, and finish dem off in melee. They equip a single sword and have a bow.


Big Waaagh!

Big Waaagh! are caster dps that go boom! But they are limited and fight in melee when their magic is depleted. They equip staves.


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