Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a debut title from Baby Robot Games that throws you into the shoes of Ayana, the last of the Ereban – a race with the power to meld into shadows. While the game isn’t without its flaws, it offers a unique blend of stealth, platforming, and world-building that might appeal to a specific type of gamer.

Reasons to Play Ereban: Shadow Legacy

  • Unique Shadow Mechanic: The core gameplay revolves around Ayana’s ability to disappear into shadows and navigate environments unseen. This creates some thrilling moments of sneaking past guards and creative level traversal.
  • Intriguing Premise: The world of Ereban offers a glimpse into a society dependent on a mysterious corporation and Ayana’s quest to uncover its secrets has the potential to be captivating.
  • Solid Core Gameplay: When it works, the stealth and platforming mechanics can be satisfying, creating a tense dance between remaining undetected and navigating tricky environments.

Reasons to Hold Off on Ereban: Shadow Legacy

  • Technical Issues: The game can suffer from occasional frame rate drops and some clunky controls, especially when it comes to platforming sections.
  • Derivative Story: While the world has promise, the narrative itself can feel predictable and borrows elements from other stealth games.
  • Limited Scope: The game is on the shorter side, and some may crave a more expansive world to explore with Ayana’s abilities.

Review Scores:

  • DarkZero: 7/10 – Praises the unique shadow mechanic but criticizes control inconsistencies.
  • Noisy Pixels (YouTube): 7.5/10 – Appreciates the fresh take on stealth but feels the game tries to do too much at once. 

Platforms and Availability:

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is currently available for PC (Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a promising debut with a strong core concept. The shadow-melding mechanic provides some genuinely fun stealth and platforming moments. However, technical hiccups and a somewhat derivative story hold it back from reaching its full potential.


If you’re looking for a new stealth experience with a unique twist and don’t mind some rough edges, Ereban: Shadow Legacy might be worth checking out, especially if you can find it at a discount. However, if you crave a tightly polished story or a sprawling world to explore, you might want to wait and see what Baby Robot Games cooks up next.

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